Monday, March 7, 2016

Sunshine in a jar (or two!)........

An abundance of tomatoes has our freezer laden with pasta sauce and soup ( I think about 18-20 litres!). 

Inspired by the Wattle Seed Collective community on Instagram and a little desperate for another way to keep on top of the never ending tomato crop, I tried making semi-dried tomatoes for the first time too.

A slow and satisfying task that filled the kitchen with yummy smells. The jars are not lasting long as the dried tomatoes are super sweet and very moreish

Sweetest semi-dried tomatoes
I combined a few recipes I found on the Internet and here's what I did;
  • Preheated oven to 100 degrees Celsius on fan bake
  • Washed and sliced the tomatoes
  • Roughly tore rosemary and thyme
  • Combined the herbs, tomatoes, garlic cloves  in a bowl with a splash of olive oil
  • Spread out on oven trays (tomatoes skin side down)
  • Cooked until semi-dried (mine took approximately 5-6hrs)
  • Spooned into sterilised jars and completely covered with olive oil. 

It is such an easy way to preserve a glut of tomatoes. The result is so delightful that it is sure to become a late summer tradition and much anticipated treat in the pantry. 

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