Thursday, December 8, 2011

So it's been a long while...

It's been a really long time since I last recorded my thoughts here.  Been busy (aren't we all, I know).   The highlight of the past couple of months was a holiday away from it all.  We rented a cottage in the countryside in one of Auckland's Regional Parks and it was bliss.  Right beside the beach, no crowds and lots of peace and quiet.  So we did nothing for a whole week just reading, crafting and seeing the sights.  When the weekend came around some friends popped out for a BBQ and drinks.

Mmm picnic time

Primo picnic spot
The park was gorgeous to say the least.  A bit farm land, some native bush, an estuary, beaches, a pond, an old homestead and even sculptures.  We had so much fun.
Manuka or maybe Kanuka flowers

Queen Ann's Lace 

The wetlands.
Getting away was the perfect escape from the Christmas silly season.  To take a breath and unwind. We will definitely be booking another holiday in a regional park.  It was lovely to home to the basement den however.  After a week away I was getting homesick for my sewing machine and little knick-knacks.   And really missed this wee one ( belongs to the people upstairs but tends to spend the evenings with us!)
Kindred spirits.....she is a fabric lover too!