Sunday, February 1, 2015

Late 2014

The last months of 2014 went by in a blur of loved ones and sunshine. Not a bad way to end the year. This Auckland summer has idyllic.....days and days of hot, still weather. Mae and I settled into a gentle rhythm as she moved from sweet newborn to chubby infant. Everyday much the same but oh so wonderful. Many hours spent gazing and adoring her.
Broad beans, strawberries and peas
With the lack of rain the garden has needed daily attention. An hour or so of watering to prevent stress and promote growth. A wonderful meditative way to begin the day. An hour to be alone with my thoughts as the wee one sleeps. Some days a longer nap mean that a few weeds are pulled or seeds are sown. The garden is nowhere near as neat and tidy as in previous years but is still as bountiful. Enough for our small family and excess to gift to friends.

Making posies for friends is one of my favourite things to do

Side garden slowly improving

If Mae had a sleepy day I was able to craft again. Oh it felt great to get out the sewing machine and whizz through a few seams and to needle felt. Before Christmas I had a wonderful day with a dear friend and her wee man (just 8 weeks older than Mae). We wanted to create a special stocking each for our babes first Christmas. We cut up an old woollen blanket and needle felted on the decorations. A reindeer for her little boy and a penguin family for Mae. It was a long afternoon of chatter, babies and crafting...a slow moment in the business of the festive season.

A sleeping beauty

When Mae was just a new little being she made soft little noises, often sounding like an Emperor penguin. We nicknamed her penguin and so it felt right to have her stocking reflect this. Her first Christmas ornament from us is also a penguin. I remember reading a blog (I wish I could recall which one) where the Mum gave her children a special ornament each year. A tradition that I want for Mae.
Mae's first Christmas eve with a Mummy made stocking

I managed to sew a couple of scarves for gifts, this year I hope to start the Christmas crafting soon. I really enjoy giving gifts created with love. One of our favourite things we were given this year was a container of beautifully wrapped and handmade Russian fudge from our cousin. It was so yummy. Baking will be on the list of offerings for Christmas 2015.

Whipping up Christmas presents

We were blessed by family and friends visiting. It is a thing of beauty watching Mae and those special people get to know each other. Already precious relationships are forming and I can't wait to see them grow stronger. November and December were busy with social outings and we thank our lucky stars that our girl is an easy going and social creature. She loves to be around people and seems to cope well with her routine being changed (so far anyway!) She suddenly seemed to find her voice and babbled her way through the day. With a little furrowed brow and the utmost concentration she began to converse with us. The longest stories came over the week of Christmas and she kept us all in fits of giggles! I am so grateful to have captured some of these precious moments on video.

Helping hang out the washing
We had our first night away from home to celebrate a friend's birthday. Oh what a special weekend. Old friends, new babies, the beach and cake....winning combination! There was a Christmas party that I helped set up then enjoyed. The postman was busy delivering presents brought online. Lots of good times.

First Summer swim for Mae. Chooky supervising

Little Fox began rolling side to side and grasping toys. Some days she was happy to play on the floor and other days she needed to held constantly which wasn't a problem with many hands keen for cuddles. Lucky little lady that she is. Her eyes became bluer each day and her lashes have finally appeared! Her hair is now fair and little rolls formed on her thighs and arms.

December 21st was our first wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a day trip to Hamilton Gardens. It was a lovely day, just the three of us exploring the gardens on a hot Summer's day. Holding hands with Mr Fox, cuddles with Mae, and reflecting on the first year as husband and wife and thirteen years as a couple. A more wonderful and rich memory than a fancy dinner or extravagent gifts. More us and I love that.

The Indian garden

The Chinese garden

Alice in Wonderland
Christmas was fantastic family time that deserves it's own post. I'll be endeavouring to do that this week. Hope the sun is shining where you are. Happy February.