Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Err those sheep are creepy" said the fox...

.........oh yes they sure are...and if you don't believe me have a look for yourself......

Creepy creepy sheep!!!
I mean what were they thinking....and its a double page spread....there are more of them!!! They almost look like sheep, almost but they do seem to be thinking rather sinister thoughts about that young boy....run boy run!!  Tee Hee what a crazy pattern and its soo BIG too.
I found this in a craft magazine i have never seen before; American Home Crafts, Vol 2, No.1 from 1974.

And amongst the pages i also found this pattern that is sooo cool...i love the styling.....

Awesome crochet!!

I mean whats not to love...alll that colour, those cute kids bundled up in rainbow woollies and so many of those 'Roly Poly Pillow Seats'. I just wish that my sky den was a little bigger so i could go crazy and craft a great big colouful pile of Roly Polys

Heres my thrifty finds from today, some more balls of wool and a cute little tapestry that I think i will hang up...too cute to craft with. And some delicate little hankerchiefs to add to my collection. I do love hankerchiefs. They really are beautiful little artworks and some have such tiny stitches it would seem that a pixie must have been the crafter.

Here is the off cut from the owl t-shirt I had thrifted. The t-shirt was so cute i tried it on and voila it was perfect but too long!! So no grocery bag goodness from this little gem but it is now one super cute headband and a perfectly fitting tee

Well i must get dinner started, my tummy is grumblin

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thrifty goodness

This little fox has been-a-thrifting!! and a-sewing and a-crocheting....................

I have a great love of books, and especially childrens books. I find them so inspiring and positive.

Golden books are always special but the ones I found recently are the cutest. Donkeys are special to me ( there are three at Mama and Papa Fox's house in the countryside.....oh sweet creatures).

So when I found this a Golden book about a sweet little donkey I was so excited.

Sweet donkey Golden book

 This wants to make me head straight to the beach....

Double page spread from 'The Golden Book of Numbers'

Some other thrifting finds, the Santa spread is from the beautiful 'Ideals Christmas Issue, Vol 11, No.6, December 1954.  It is a scrumptious collection of poems, songs and pictures all with a christmas theme.

 I will share some more pictures from this gorgeous book as the weeks lead up to Christmas

Hiding at the bottom of a dusty shelf under some old Womens Day mags was some more treasure.... 

......a sewing book for infants...minus its cover but not missing any pages.

And another collection of Mon Tricot patterns. Love these so much.
Other thrifting finds are of the 'Top Secret Christmas' variety but the cute owl T-shirt is destined to be sewn into a wonderful new grocery bag as seen on http://pm-betweenthelines.blogspot.com/ . A great blog i stumbled upon over the weekend.  Lots of really cool tutorials that I am itching to try out.

There is a bag of grey wool that is trying to edge into the photo....what a score! Hidden between the acrylic balls are three balls of 100% merino wool . Oh i was pleased!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

You know Christmas is coming when.....

.............A christmas tree appears on the side of the Sky tower

.........Chirstmas bunting of the most splendiferous kind (Mama Fox made!!) in the post

.....A sneaky little santa appears....not that this fox minds at all

..........the sewing machine is on, the bobbins are full and there are lots of scrumptious fabrics mingling. (sorry fabrics shown inside out to help keep my Foxy Family presents top secret.

.......the doileys are pulled out of the sewing box ready to adorn the fabrics

Beautiful yarn waiting to be a christmas gift, tiny Christmas tree and Sew La Tea Do by Pip Lincolne of http://www.meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com/ . BLISS!

........and the Christmas tree is waiting for decorations!!! Tiny but oh so cute.....rather like our sky den....perfect.

Oh yes this little fox is starting to get into the Christmas spirit, and yes i know that its only November but crafty goodness presents dont happen overnight

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well i have photos of the tapestry i sewed edging onto..

Thrifted tapestry with soft, grey cordrouy edging

And i finished MY beautiful 'raspberry beret'.......and i adore it.  Love how soft the undyed brown wool is. Love that it holds its shape without being too stiff. And love, love, love the gorgeous petal pattern in the center! So here it is.....
My 'raspberry beret' !!

Spout Farm!

I have been growing things too....living in a sky den limits ones gardening oppurtunities, oh how i miss putting my paws into a vegetable garden! Anyway i have my little sprouting kit...what a find at a local Salvation Army store!

I tucked it under my arm a few weeks ago and have been growing Mung bean sprouts since. Such a treat to watch them grow and so scrumptious to eat.

Dont you love the little coffee grinder sitting on the bench!!

I have been a industrious little fox of late, am trying very hard to finish some WIPs at the moment. Finally stopped procrastinating about weaving in the ends on a little crochet blanket made from scraps of thrifted yarn, all the colours of the sea. I started it when i was on holiday in Sydney, Australia with Mr. Fox and his family. Great for passing the time away on the trains and plane trips.

Holiday blanket finally done. Woohoo!

The beautiful fragrence is of Honeysuckle and Carnations is wafting through the sky den....the Honeysuckle vines have been 'thrifted' from a local carpark where they grow untamed, and the Carnations are from the supermarket. Hehe reminds me of the 'town mouse' and 'country mouse' seeing them in the vase together...one so tame and the other wild and rambling

Sweet flower joy!
Love Little Fox xx