Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thrifty goodness

This little fox has been-a-thrifting!! and a-sewing and a-crocheting....................

I have a great love of books, and especially childrens books. I find them so inspiring and positive.

Golden books are always special but the ones I found recently are the cutest. Donkeys are special to me ( there are three at Mama and Papa Fox's house in the countryside.....oh sweet creatures).

So when I found this a Golden book about a sweet little donkey I was so excited.

Sweet donkey Golden book

 This wants to make me head straight to the beach....

Double page spread from 'The Golden Book of Numbers'

Some other thrifting finds, the Santa spread is from the beautiful 'Ideals Christmas Issue, Vol 11, No.6, December 1954.  It is a scrumptious collection of poems, songs and pictures all with a christmas theme.

 I will share some more pictures from this gorgeous book as the weeks lead up to Christmas

Hiding at the bottom of a dusty shelf under some old Womens Day mags was some more treasure.... 

......a sewing book for infants...minus its cover but not missing any pages.

And another collection of Mon Tricot patterns. Love these so much.
Other thrifting finds are of the 'Top Secret Christmas' variety but the cute owl T-shirt is destined to be sewn into a wonderful new grocery bag as seen on . A great blog i stumbled upon over the weekend.  Lots of really cool tutorials that I am itching to try out.

There is a bag of grey wool that is trying to edge into the photo....what a score! Hidden between the acrylic balls are three balls of 100% merino wool . Oh i was pleased!

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  1. mmmmm! those books sure look wonderful!! maybe a couple of them may like to go on a wee journey southwards!! lol ....just to look at of course! you can trust me to give them back lol!!! All this talk of top secret Chrissie crafting makes a hopeful recipiant quite jiggly with hope that some of it may be for me!!!
    will check out betweenthelines!