Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well i have photos of the tapestry i sewed edging onto..

Thrifted tapestry with soft, grey cordrouy edging

And i finished MY beautiful 'raspberry beret'.......and i adore it.  Love how soft the undyed brown wool is. Love that it holds its shape without being too stiff. And love, love, love the gorgeous petal pattern in the center! So here it is.....
My 'raspberry beret' !!

Spout Farm!

I have been growing things in a sky den limits ones gardening oppurtunities, oh how i miss putting my paws into a vegetable garden! Anyway i have my little sprouting kit...what a find at a local Salvation Army store!

I tucked it under my arm a few weeks ago and have been growing Mung bean sprouts since. Such a treat to watch them grow and so scrumptious to eat.

Dont you love the little coffee grinder sitting on the bench!!

I have been a industrious little fox of late, am trying very hard to finish some WIPs at the moment. Finally stopped procrastinating about weaving in the ends on a little crochet blanket made from scraps of thrifted yarn, all the colours of the sea. I started it when i was on holiday in Sydney, Australia with Mr. Fox and his family. Great for passing the time away on the trains and plane trips.

Holiday blanket finally done. Woohoo!

The beautiful fragrence is of Honeysuckle and Carnations is wafting through the sky den....the Honeysuckle vines have been 'thrifted' from a local carpark where they grow untamed, and the Carnations are from the supermarket. Hehe reminds me of the 'town mouse' and 'country mouse' seeing them in the vase so tame and the other wild and rambling

Sweet flower joy!
Love Little Fox xx


  1. the raspberry hat looks great on! the tapestry has come up really well! the colours of the sea holiday throw, very pretty! ...and the flowerarranging so lovely! your sprouter looks much better than the agee jars with lids I use, and the coffee grinder looks very cute. Can't wait to hear more of what you are crafting.

  2. hehe thanks mum. Ithink agee jars would look sweeter than my kit. Cant wait to see you in a few weeks xx

  3. hey sis!loving the blog, i have been checking it regularly to see what foxy updates you have created!very cool blog, such a cool idea!love ya sis