Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where did June go I wonder??

Its such a wonderful feeling to be back at thrifty fox corner, June is over and July has brought with it sunshine and inspiration. This space has been on mind often but the right words have not been there to write. June was a whirlwind of change for me; a new job in a new field...from nursing to fashion. There has been visitors, drinks and a baby shower. So much fun crammed into one month but in the back of mind my was this blog and how much I missed sharing my thoughts and crafts here.
So July has started with a crisp morning, the sun is shining and the sky is that brillant blue that the winter season rarely shows off here in Auckland.

In between work and socialising my knitting needles have been busy...the baby log cabin blanket has been cast off, wrapped up, unwrapped and now waits patiently waits for the new babe to arrive. The crocheted granny stripe blanket has been sent down to Wellington to a handsome young baby with the most lovely big eyes I have seen on a baby EVER. Oh my what a cutie. Other secret squirrel things have been sent all the way to the deep south for Ma Foxes birthday.

I have been on a 'stash busting' mission lately, my stash of yarn has been growing steadily for a while now....recently it has really become too large to store in the suitcase allocated and has overflowed to various baskets around the place. Have been getting the guilts when the lovely colours catch my eye....too lovely to languish about unloved as balls of yarn instead of lovely projects.
In ten days a work contract for data entry will be over and my self imposed 'sewing ban' will be over. I just know that once I get behind that sewing desk I won't be leaving quickly. Oh how I have missed creating with fabric...just ten more days..ten more days!!
So hello again everyone, I'm back.
Granny stripe baby blanket

Log cabin knitted baby blanket no. 2