Sunday, July 16, 2017

It's a boy!

It's been just over six months ago since I last logged in. Last time I was waiting for our baby to arrive; overdue and a little impatient. Five days later on seventh our handsome boy arrived. Life has been full to the brim with love ever since.

Oh my, two little ones really does leave little time for indulging in blogging, crafting, gardening......
This little boy has created such a special place in our hearts. So completely his own wee person from the moment he joined us. Happy to observe, sweetly chubby and cuddly.

We named him Fox Albert James

Fox because it was a name we both loved
Albert, a family name and can be shortened to Bertie! cos that is rather cute
James, Mr. Fox's middle name and also a nickname my parents used often 'Amy James' an play on                    Amy Jayne

Just a few hours old

First trip to Point Chev beach

With Poppa Don

Aunty Mary and her adoring fans

Daddy cuddles

Grandma and Grandad, along with big sister Mae

Mummy and her little boy. 
Those first hazy days seem so far away now. Fox is able to sit up and is trying solids. Such a rapid change from the tiny newborn in January. The weeks racing past in a messy bliss. Our little family so much more wonderful with the addition of cherished Fox.