Saturday, May 21, 2011

What I've been up too lately

Well aside from catching every bug in the neighbourhood (which serves me right for being so smug about not being sick in over 12 months!!)  I have been;

Sewing in my new little crafting nook;

This little corner of the kitchen has been great for sew-a-thon sessions at the Janome. It's light, I can see the garden and it's close to the coffee making goodies!

The crafting corner

My fabric stash has been growing steadily and I had the urge to make some more fabric baskets.
They are such a fun and quick way to use up fabrics. These wee baskets have a million and one uses.......I have only shown some of the ones I made (err I got a little swept up in a basket making storm)

Just some of the newly made baskets!

On my last trip down South I managed to find a couple of super cute tapestries. These were far too lovely to be stored away so with a little snipping and some sewing these are now some cushion covers. A stained and felted woollen blanket (found at a local charity store) was the perfect match.
The little fantail tapestry ( a native bird here in New Zealand) was thrifted by the gorgeous Ma Fox. This little birdy had been waiting for quite some time to be displayed....such a little sweety.

Tapestry cushions
This little fox is ever so happy to have these cushion covers made. The Basement Den is feeling like home.


I unpacked my little sprouting kit and have been growing.....and eating some most delicious sprouts lately. Ma Fox kindly gave me some sprouting seeds from Kings seeds.  This company is the 'go-to' place to order seeds from and they have started a great blog too. Check it out here. Really worth a look if you fancy all things green.

Sprout farm crop.....onion sprouts. Yummy!

Opening mail;

From family and friends. I am one spoilt little fox. Here are some of the special goodies I have received.

Spoilt Fox!

I can't wait to use that gorgeous fabric tape on a crafty project....and that fabric...swoon!! The teeny hot water bottle has been in lots of use so far. Thanks so much again my wonderful foxy family. A friend and I have started a letter book.....its a lined notebook that we are planning to send back and forth with letters inside. So far it has travelled up and down the country once. Now it's my turn to send it back on it's merry way to my dear friend.


Since resigning from my nursing position I am yet to secure a job....therefore thrifting and all other forms of shopping have been severely curbed. A wee few gems have jumped into my shopping basket over the past few weeks...

The little honey pot was sooo dusty and grubby, with a dip in a bubble bath it is now gleaming and perfectly cute.

The tray cloth has the most lovely edging....not one for the crafting basket that's for sure!

And this dear wee hat has been a wonderful find, it fits just right and has been on my head almost every time I walk out the door. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a particular fondness for vintage hats and enjoy wearing them. Most are being kept safe and warm at Ma and Pa Foxes den (thanks guys) it is so nice to have a warm vintage hat with me for the cool Autumn days.

Finding beauty in everyday moments;
Evening light