Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thank you Assistant Ellie...

Yes, thanks Ellie my sweet assistant. Didn't she do a lovely job of presenting my newly finished Bath Pouf....This is the second one i have made. I found the inspiration at Very Purple Person in the 'crochet' archives then followed the link to Ravelry for the pattern.
This one is a little too packed with ruffles due to a brain fade that means there are about 3x the amount of double crochets than there should be!! Lol lets hope that it means extra bubbles!

Have been feeling very industrious today...went for a run and sewed in all those pesky tails on the twenty something little cotton face pads made yesterday. Even cleaned the windows. Isn't it funny how sparkling clean windows make a home feel extra clean...that and a shiny stainless steel kettle on the bench!

I never got to show off the fabric baskets I made for my family and friends this Christmas. So here goes....i found a tutorial here at Pink Penguin and modified it a bit (no lovely patchwork tho due to Christmas creeping up so sneaky fast!). I really enjoyed making these, love how they show off fabrics and that they stand upright without being rigid. Definitely want to make some more of these...if only my Janome wasn't making some reluctant sounds. As soon as the holiday period is over I will taking wee Janome for a servicing.

Fabric basket with some fabrics I got for Christmas

I'm planning to sneak in a little more crafting tomorrow before heading back to work. I hope that you are managing to do something creative these holidays too.

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