Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slow progress

Well so much for crafting while i was away....not that it mattered. We holidayed 100%. Feeling wonderful and fighting foxy fit for it. I really don't think there are better holidays than the ones spent with family or friends in the middle of nowhere.

A little stowaway managed to find his way back to Auckland somehow though; curious indeed. Will let him away with it cos he's so darn cute and helpful too. Here he is showing off the measley progress made on my log cabin knitted blanket..
The Stow-away
No  more holidays planned as yet, although I'm hoping (and saving hard!) to head across the ditch to see my sister who recently made the move to Melbourne. Even though we have lived in different cities for a year now, it really tugs on heart to think she is in another country.

Mr. Fox and I had a quiet weekend as I was On-call for work (we can't venture to far from home or the car). We did have a super scrummy Sunday brunch at home though and enjoyed the evening view from the Sky den.

Mmmm Brunch

Ahh who could ask for a better view ??

Aren't I lucky to live where I do?!!

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