Friday, October 28, 2011

Sewing for summer.............

Well with all the Christmas gift crafting going on it is nice to have a project to keep for myself. Last Christmas I was given a jelly roll of lovely fabrics. The little birdies are so cute and the colours are quite fitting for the Summer Christmas we celebrate here in New Zealand. So a festive summer quilt has been started. For a bit of fun I appliqued some doilies on to some calico and have made these the center panel for the squares. It is my first time  using the log cabin quilting technique. What a fun and spontaneous way to quilt! Really loving just picking fabrics out randomly and adding them to the mix. Boy the cutting of strips was a little tiresome though.
Festive quilt!! 
True to form I was distracted by another project when cutting up and choosing fabrics for the quilt. A Beatrix Potter panel was unearthed from the bottom of the fabric stash and happened to match a woollen blanket also hiding in the stash! Inspiration struck and promptly sprung upon. Instead of mucking about quilting the panel I pinned it to blanket and just started to sew. Following the lines of the picture. Not quite finished it yet but it is turning out super cute and has a lovely weight and drape. This little blanket will be stashed away for this fox's someday/one-day cubs. 

Quilting the cheaters way!! 
For Pa. Fox's birthday I knitted up a pair of slippers. Big thick, super warm slippers. Nola's Knitted Slippers from The Seamen's Church Institute is the pattern I used. This site has some great, free patterns for men. The slippers knitted up rather quickly but the wool used was not very forgiving and I had to send off one lonely slipper in the parcel so that my arms could rest up before tackling the other. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I already have a request to make another pair for a friend for Christmas. Will be choosing a yarn with a little more give this time!!
Slipper for Pa Fox.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Secret crafting and a few finished projects

Now that Christmas is not too far away the secret crafting has begun. Not so good for blogging but super fun all the same. A few more craft projects have been finished this month ( I always have multiple projects on the go at once!!) some I completely forgot to photograph and some I can't reveal until after Christmas.
There has been an exciting new addition to the over-locker!!! A great find on Trademe and a happy little addition to the crafting family. After a service it runs like a dream and is already helping to save time on some sewing projects...woohoo.
New addition to the Foxy family
I made a summer skirt from some gorgeous material Ma Fox had thrifted. It was super quick to make and I learnt how to do french seams too. Its perfect for the warmer days and is such a fun print. I think it may be the only purple this little fox has in her wardrobe. Just need to work on a tan now!....fake tan of course.
Oh la la spring skirt
I have a new knitting pattern addiction...have made four hats so far! It is a pattern I found on this lovely blog Na Vlne. The pattern is called the " CAPUCINE" and is a lovely pattern to knit and wear. So snuggly and the tassels...well who can resist tassels?  I used a couple of strands of 8ply wool and 5.5mm circular needles and the fit is just great. Have been wearing this new hat in the evenings as they are still a little crisp. I have sent one down to a friend in bright colours for the winters that can be a little dreary at times.
Progress on CAPUCINE number one

I used my favourite yarn Sirdar's Eco Wool dk, 100% undyed virgin wool. It is lovely and soft and not itchy at all.  I have plans to cast on at least one more of these hats. What fun it is to knit in 3D. The shaping on the back of the hat is lovely makes for a perfect fit. The picture above shows the colours more accurately

Another finished project is my rainbow shawl that I started way back in July. I posted about the pattern details in this post . I abandoned the original pattern as the changing the needle sizes to create textured stripes was not obvious due to the coloured yarn. Boy I am I disappointed that it is too warm to be wearing this out and about. The colours are rich and vibrant. No doubt they will be a cheerful addition to the winter wardrobe. Need to block the shawl again but I quite like that it curls a little. The size is great for tucking into a winter jacket.
Yummy shawl finished.....just in time for Summer!!LOL

Oh those colours!
I am working on another post for tommorrow.....just waiting for the sun to peek out from between the clouds so I can get some better picks of a couple of finished projects. More knitting and a little sewing. In the meantime I have the iron warming up and the sewing machine waiting for me :)
Happy crafting everyone xx

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

While the bread is baking.....

While the bread is baking I thought I would share a few more of my projects.  Here is another stash-busting project in the works; a crochet blanket.  The only rule is that I am not allowed to buy any yarn for this project.  The pattern is called "Rainbow Granny 'Ghan" and is from a special issue from Crochet Today magazine called 'All-Time Best Blankets'.  It's been lots of fun squirrelling around in my yarn finding the right colours and weight.

Progress from a week ago

Up to date progress.

The blanket is these lovely hexagons with granny squares in between.  I am using a charcoal grey colour to join and for the border.  It is a pure wool but is really scratchy so can't really be used for any other project. I love this grey yarn and have been searching for the perfect project to use it in.  I think I have found the right one now.....really makes the colours pop.  It is going to take me quite a while to finish this one but there is no pressure as it is not a gift. This one will stay in the den.

While my sewing machine was away being serviced I had an afternoon of cutting out. I used bits and pieces of fabric that I had. These are now mostly all sewn up and are waiting to be sold or given away. It was so nice to use material that I had on the shelves especially as I could use up little scraps.

Fabric waiting to made into purses

Mr. Fox and I are saving really hard for our big OE (overseas experience) so I have been avoiding second hand shops mostly....what the eyes do not see, the heart does not want!! However I don't think that abstaining completely from thrifting would be good for my soul so when I have been thrifting I have been terribly restrained. A few goodies have found their way home to the den but only my most favourite, I-love-it-so-much-I-just-can't-bear-to-leave-it-goodies have crossed the den's threshold! Like the gorgeous tablecloth below. It is so fresh and vibrant. Love when it is on the kitchen table...can't help but feel the joys of Spring.
Oooo lovely
As I was hanging out my washing this morning I noticed that almost all of the tea towels, hand towels and bath towels were given to me by my little Foxy family. It made me smile so big. The checked tea towels with appliqued hearts are handmade by Sister Fox, the doily adorned hand towel and pale green embroidered bath towel made by Mama Fox and the gorgeous little elephant towel was chosen by Pa Fox. It sounds silly but I felt so loved and content to be hanging out my washing today. What a lucky Fox.
Washing line of Love!! hehe

Monday, October 3, 2011

And Winter turns to Spring...

With Winter fading and Spring arriving the sun is getting warmer.  Inspiration for crafting is everywhere.

A skiff of snow in Auckland
 It has been weeks since I have blogged and I'm not sure why.  But I do want this space to be fun for me so if I don't feel like blogging I just don't do it!
We have had a wet winter here in Auckland and even got a little snow...very exciting indeed. Even for a girl who is used to seeing snow in the winter time.
I really adore winter and the abundance of crafting time it creates. It is so nice to cosy up in blankets and work on a something like knitting or crochet. But with Spring here I have found heaps of inspiration and motivation. I knit and crochet all year round and of course sew too. Just because its warm outside doesn't mean that creating winter snugglies is out of the question.
The garden is providing such sweet little flowers to have around the house and some vegetables to eat too. Herbs are growing faster again too which is great.  Mr. Fox and I have been enjoying the sunshine on the patio when the clouds part........I just can't wait for long Summer evenings. I think we will spend most of our evenings enjoying the warmth out there as the sun sinks into bed.

Spring flowers bringing cheer into the bathroom

I have a few projects that I haven't yet posted on here..some from a few months back even. Like this little fella.........
Little owl for a little girl
I used a free pattern from Bit o whimsy blog. Such a fun and easy pattern to make. I made it the day the wee girl was born so that I could deliver it on my first visit. It took only a few hours from start to finish. Really recommend trying the pattern out especially because it takes only a little concentration and a little yarn.

With lots of birthdays and Father's Day in the last wee while, most of my crafty projects have been gifts. Some warm, flannel pj shorts for Pa. Fox.  Embroidered pillowcases for Sister Fox and some sweet friends (forgot to take photos of those before I put them in the mail...ooops!) and some purses with metal clasps at the top.  With more spare time due to my current job I am hoping to sell a few of the things I make. Will let everyone know when I have an online shop up and running.

Fathers Day PJs in the making
Will have to sign off and as I am off to work for the afternoon but will be checking back in tommorrow with more photos. Take care all