Tuesday, October 4, 2011

While the bread is baking.....

While the bread is baking I thought I would share a few more of my projects.  Here is another stash-busting project in the works; a crochet blanket.  The only rule is that I am not allowed to buy any yarn for this project.  The pattern is called "Rainbow Granny 'Ghan" and is from a special issue from Crochet Today magazine called 'All-Time Best Blankets'.  It's been lots of fun squirrelling around in my yarn finding the right colours and weight.

Progress from a week ago

Up to date progress.

The blanket is these lovely hexagons with granny squares in between.  I am using a charcoal grey colour to join and for the border.  It is a pure wool but is really scratchy so can't really be used for any other project. I love this grey yarn and have been searching for the perfect project to use it in.  I think I have found the right one now.....really makes the colours pop.  It is going to take me quite a while to finish this one but there is no pressure as it is not a gift. This one will stay in the den.

While my sewing machine was away being serviced I had an afternoon of cutting out. I used bits and pieces of fabric that I had. These are now mostly all sewn up and are waiting to be sold or given away. It was so nice to use material that I had on the shelves especially as I could use up little scraps.

Fabric waiting to made into purses

Mr. Fox and I are saving really hard for our big OE (overseas experience) so I have been avoiding second hand shops mostly....what the eyes do not see, the heart does not want!! However I don't think that abstaining completely from thrifting would be good for my soul so when I have been thrifting I have been terribly restrained. A few goodies have found their way home to the den but only my most favourite, I-love-it-so-much-I-just-can't-bear-to-leave-it-goodies have crossed the den's threshold! Like the gorgeous tablecloth below. It is so fresh and vibrant. Love when it is on the kitchen table...can't help but feel the joys of Spring.
Oooo lovely
As I was hanging out my washing this morning I noticed that almost all of the tea towels, hand towels and bath towels were given to me by my little Foxy family. It made me smile so big. The checked tea towels with appliqued hearts are handmade by Sister Fox, the doily adorned hand towel and pale green embroidered bath towel made by Mama Fox and the gorgeous little elephant towel was chosen by Pa Fox. It sounds silly but I felt so loved and content to be hanging out my washing today. What a lucky Fox.
Washing line of Love!! hehe


  1. Hi there Missy Fox,
    just been having a Sunday morning catching up on blogs, and my you have been up to a lot. So nice to see what you have been up to. Great that you got to spend some time with your Mum, say hi to her for me, and of course to Mr Fox, keep saving those pennies, it is a fabulous world out there, and you will have such wonderful experiences on your OE,

  2. Thanks Shiree, hehe yup we are saving hard. Have managed to get a lot more work lately so that is helping. Your shop looks amazing and I adore the fabric that Sera got me for my birthday. Saving it for something special. I can't believe you got a little puppy...oh so sweet! You look like you have been really busy. Love your blog. Happy Christmas crafting