Friday, February 24, 2012

Piha, Devonport.....Summer

Life has been busy, hence the quietness on the blogging front. Enjoying life comes first, documenting it second! Summer has come late to the north this year but there have been so many sunshiny days that one can't really complain. A long weekend was spent at Piha helped kick off the Summer feeling this month, lots of swimming, great food and good times.

View from the deck

Soaking up all that Vitamin D and swimming in the sea was fantastic, looking forward to another holiday by the sea as soon as I am no longer working in the weekends.  Back in the city we have been busy with all the boring aspects of life; work, chores etc.  The lantern festival was an evening well spent. It was as always super crowded but the fireworks made up for all the bustling people. Oh I do love a fireworks display!

Last weekend we enjoyed a picnic with friends at Devonport, a few little sun showers kept us cool. The harbour was bustling with boats big and small. Hoping to head back to the seaside tomorrow for a picnic. Must soak up the last of the Summer rays, Autumn is lurking in the air.

Clouds looming over Auckland City

Container Ship close to shore

Beach Picnic with friends
On the crafting front my hands have been rather idle. My fingertips have been itching the past few days to be industrious so have started a baby blanket for a friend and have been working on completing some already started projects.