Friday, June 29, 2012

Late June around the house...

These last few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster. Life has presented both sadness and joy. June 2012 you were full of surprises.

Crochet kitty


  • Sweet Reuben.  A little boy who made my Friday mornings fun. Your funeral was tough. You will be so dearly missed. I will remember how much you loved to sing, "What does the whale say? Whale says MMMMmmmmmm' and how lucky we were to have sunshine just about every single Friday.
  • When I first started dating Mr Fox, so much reminiscing going on as we celebrated 10 years of happiness together. 
  • To try and enjoy the winter coldness.
Winter debri

The last of the leaves

Winter view of the North Shore


  • Wearing all my winter woollies. Hats, gloves, scarves, cardigans....the whole kit and caboodle. Gotta love winter fashion. 
  • Making progress on my crochet blanket and seeing my wool stash shrinking rather satisfyingly.
  • Working on secret squirrel projects. Love making things for others.
  • Lilly the cat snuggles; the best lap warmer.
  • Hot water bottles and really cute hot water bottle covers.
  • Showers, nothing better for cold bones than a long hot shower. Mmm.
  • Hearing about Ma and Pa's home improvements. Can't wait to see them for myself.
  • That Dad's operation was a success and that he is on his way back to feeling 100%

Shrinking stash

Granny hexagon blanket...(colours off in photo sorry)

Only 2 more big hexagons to go and then on to the littlies

Looking forward to

  • Moving in August but enjoying soaking up all the wonderfulness that is our home right now. 
  • Getting a tattoo this afternoon. Exciting.
  • Little baby Arleigha turning one, how can that be?!! 
  • Going out tonight with friends. Yay for the weekend.
  • Hopefully getting tickets to see Die Die Die at the Winchester.
  • All the birthdays in July.
Flowers and a cat who claims all crochet to be her own

Like a little hobbit valley at night

Love coming home to a this cosy view in the dark. Lace, stars and coloured glass

Ten Years...

So me and my handsome fella have been together for ten years.  Ten whole years on June 23rd since he asked me to be his girl.  Boy am I glad that I said yes. I can't believe that it's been a decade since we decided to be 'boyfriend and girlfriend'.   Hehe it was so very exciting at 17.  To tell the truth I am still giddy with excitement to be his lady 10 years on.  Ahh love.

10 years and a HOUSE!!

We planned a relaxing week at the beach but instead brought a house!! Now that's a way to celebrate being together for sure. We took the plunge and signed the deal at the start of the week so the rest of the week was spent running about lawyers, banks and filling in so many darn forms.  But we muddled our way through...managed not to kill each other and finally got out to the beach on Friday.

Piha, June 2012

Friends helped us celebrate making the weekend even sweeter. It was so very wonderful to have some of our friends there. Kristy, Steve, little Arleigha, Sulin, Greg, Fraser and Raj.  Piha is a bit outta the way, so for everyone to come out on a Friday night and drive those windy roads in the dark was just so special.  \ There are not many photos of the night....I think we were a little worn out from the week and just didn't make the effort to capture the evening.  I regret that now.  I must learn to snap away but it always feels a little rude and intrusive snapping photos at social occasions....not that people mind (I don't think they do. Do they?)

Piha, June 2012

An XD card from the camera got corrupted so we lost some photos from our time away. Bummer. I am grateful that I download photos often so we haven't lost too many memories. The XD cards are as old as the camera (about 5 years+) so I'm not surprised one gave out. Must remember to replace them all before it happens again. I had hoped that the camera shop guys could have recovered some data but no luck there either.

Anniversary Lunch!!

I think that it is finally sinking in that we (well mostly the bank actually!) are going be homeowners. Lord and Lady of our little patch. It is quite thrilling to think we will be able to make changes without permission.  The house was described as a 'Sleeping Beauty', she certainly will need some work to awaken her beautiful side but at the moment she is cute, more than a bit tattered but still definitely cute. Oh I just can't wait to move in...come on August!

Dear Starey,

Dear Starey,

So you were a no show for the dual at sunset??  It seems that karma may have caught up with you scrawny self?  That next morning must have been painfully shameful for you....the blackened fur, the tufts of fur all awry. My glee was plain to see as I happily snapped the evidence on my camera, oh what a delight.  I thought your modelling career was to be cut short before your stolen portfolio pictures caught someones eye. Any bookings yet there puss?  Surely there is a niche market for the thin, alien cat look....editorials perhaps? At a stretch couture?

I'm right behind you

I was having such fun thinking about posting your faux 'Panda / Dalmation look' on the internet but as I connected the USB cable from camera to computer I was heartbroken. Somehow the XD memory card had been irreversibly corrupted.......wait what!! Just how was it working one day and corrupted the next.  And no success at recovering evidence of the ridiculous state you were in (not for lack of trying). Suspicious indeed.  If I find one whisker or ghostly white strand of fur in this house you better watch your back.  Foul play indeed cat.  How dare you set your paws in my house?? Valuable memories were on that card. Just too far this time. Shame on you. God you are just so sneaky. Ughh.

Yes, that's right. Feel eyes on you huh.

I have filled in the darling Lily in on the details of this latest debacle and she too is on high alert. She may be the most darling, beautiful pussy cat that one has ever seen but she is not afraid to use claws or teeth. Four eyes are better than two. Double the surveillance. Night and day. 

Day watch, early shift. Lily. 

So you are now back to your pale, waif like self and the chance of revenge has slipped through my fingers. Alas. I am counting down the days til I escape your skulking presence and you no longer prowl around my sweet little home as I sleep. We are to escape your furtive peeping and unblinking stares. August cannot come fast enough.

Yours sincerely

T. Fox (aka Amy)

P.s: I am so very flattered that you stole my photos to try a get noticed in the modelling world.  Lord knows you need all the help you can get to look attractive. Nudes though? Really?? Ha

Monday, June 11, 2012

Documenting favourite bits of home..

Taking photos of my home is something that I like to do so that when we move to new places all the little things that are forgotten are recorded somewhere.  Things like a view or the proximity of a favourite cafe tend to stay firmly stuck in  my memory but the little things, perhaps the more important aspects of a home are so easily forgotten. Sometimes I keep these photos, other times they are lost in the annual cull of the computers photo album. Not these nooks they won't be forgotten now.

Special Owl from Waiheke Island, little elephants from Mum and Dad, flowers from that lovely afternoon  spent with friends for an Autumn Brunch al fresco.

Homemade curtains with little toadstool peg

Dressmakers Dummy waiting for use

At home sick

Working with children, particularly medically fragile children requires staying home sick when in other jobs you would solider on and head into work.  So this week I am at home.  It is lovely to be cosy in the nest and has given me the chance to catch up with blogging and crafting.  My granny hexagon blanket is growing.  Only 7 more large hexagons to go and then onto the little ones.  Very glad I started out with the big ones first as I am looking forward to using up scraps and enjoying the quicker pace of the smaller hexagons.

I have some images of crafts I worked on in April and May.  They have been sitting in my camera waiting for a moment like this to be documented.   A while ago I found a tapestry kit, one that is small and less daunting than others that Mama Fox or I have thrifted before.   It made me wonder about who gave away this kit....was it a gift that didn't fit the recipients style, a lost kit at the back of craft cupboard that was part of spring clean or perhaps the crafty ambitions of someone who ran out of time to finish it??   The wondering about thrifty finds past lives is a big part of why I love thrifting.  Along with stepping more lightly on the planet and the great feeling of finding treasure.  Anyway this little tapestry came home with me and I have really enjoyed stitching it so far. Such a lovely way to painting by numbers.

Thrifted tapestry

Little time to work on crafty projects lately spurred me to try this lovely pattern by Elisa McLaughlin's Designs blog.  It is such a fun project; ticks all the boxes.  Quick check, easy check , fun check , perfectly wearable check!  This pattern is a great stash buster and because it only takes less than one ball of yarn splashing out on a luxury yarn would feel less frivolous.

Fun and stress free project

Mothers Day was a while ago.  A few family members have been given embroidered pillowcases from me.  Mum had dropped hints that she might like one but I ran out of time to stitch one up in time for Christmas so I whipped one up in time for Mothers Day.  I used the Made in France by Agnes Delage-Calvet, Anne Sohier-Fournel, Muriel Brunet and Francoise Ritz book for inspiration (see here for great review by Feeling Stitchy but really just stitched what I thought she might like.  I was a bit worried that dragonflies might be tricky but they were lots of fun.

Stitching for my beautiful Mum
This space is for recording happy things in my life but I do not want to forget the real moments just because they are tough. My thoughts today have been with one of the children I work with.  He is not doing well and although on life support is not likely to pull through. Working with medically fragile children is so very rewarding but is a vivid reminder that life is not always fair or easy. Be strong little one. 

Dear Starey Cat..........

Dear Starey,

I assume we are on a first name basis by now. It has been noted that you have recently became a follower of this blog; not sure how you found it?  Have you been spying through the window behind my computer.....I seriously thought you were too short to get your beady eyes over that particular window sill.  Your sneakiness has exceeded my expectations this time.

Normally you are so brash about your spying.  And yes I do know that you can think that you can see through my curtains.  Well I have tested this out by trying to peer through them in both day and nocturnal conditions.  Unless you count x-ray vision as one of your talents we both know your are more Meow than super-sighted.

How you manage to have access to the Internet or indeed use a keyboard does stump me.  Using a mouse would only come naturally to your feline nature of course.  However how you access the cyber world young pussy really isn't the point now is it?!  Just know that I too am watching you and I also know where you reside.  I have photographic evidence of your stalkings and I will not hesitate to take further action if necessary. The water thrown your way is only the beginning.

Photo evidence of stalking 1

Photo evidence of stalking 2

Photo evidence of stalking 3

Photo evidence of stalking 4

Photo evidence of stalking 5

I was OK with you staring constantly, well not OK but I had got used to you lurking nature. Intruding onto my own space on the vast Internet has me rethinking our relationship. This ain't over cat. Not over.

Yours sincerely

T. Fox (aka Amy)

P.s: If you are an innocent fan of all things crafty then disregard the above letter and let me know if you ever want to learn crochet....sure it would be hard with paws but we could work something out

P.P.s: I have suspicions that you are not working alone....a certain Friday night friend perhaps???

Saturday, June 9, 2012

May & June; oh how time flies

How is it nearly half way through the year???  Time seems to be on fast forward permanently these days. My camera has collected dust as has my sewing machine.  There has been so much going on that I want to record it before I forget it although I am already fuzzy on some of May memories.  Alas.


  • The autumn colours, especially the sunsets
  • Reading Mums gorgeous blog and soaking up all that homey goodness that I so dearly miss
  • Having the heater on and spending time on the couch with Mr. Fox
  • Slowly making progress on the crochet blanket
  • Having the bread maker back in action after 3 weeks of eating supermarket bread. Hooray for fresh bread
  • The more organised and tidy feel of the house after purging many bags of stuff to the op shops
  • Spending time with friends. Often.  
  • My job. It is still so awesome to be content and happy in my work. 
  • That my gorgeous sister is happy and that I will see her shortly. Love you sweets
  • That I have two holidays coming up shortly
  • Slow cooker soups and curries. Mmm
  • Coriander. I have finally managed to keep it alive.
Just before rain


  • Home. So very much. My Parents, the animals, the garden and the house. I am so fortunate to be able to  visit the place where I grew up
  • Summer. I really miss all that sunshine and evening light
  • Splurging on clothes, pedicures and meals out. Seeing the savings grow is rather satisfying though
  • Friends that are not in Auckland
  • My sister. Always
  • My Grandparents. I really did love living near to them
View from our Chalet, Queens birthday weekend


  • How much more content and happy I am compared to this time last year
  • The excitement of friends buying their first home and the lovely BBQs we have already had there
  • Coffee dates and trips to the library with handsome Mr. Fox
  • A quick catch up with Jules as she returned to New Zealand for a wedding. Oh my gosh that girl can make me laugh
  • Chris coming up from Dunedin and enjoying an evening of take-aways and laughter with his sweet girlfriend. Getting excited about his studies nearing completion
  • That Jeremy got his dream job. Yus. Absolutely fantastic news
  • Seeing a friends band play at the Whammy Bar. Stone Angels. Catching up with him later with Mexican food.
  • A lovely night with Mr. Fox's cousin and her Fiance
  • That little Arliegha learned to walk. Such a wee cutie
  • Friday nights of drinking, silliness, and leaving the week behind
  • Having a couple of afternoons off work unexpectedly and being able to spend them with Raj. So great to have super girly time together
  • My littlest child I nanny for turning 1 and taking his first steps, going through a biting phase and learning my name. The little girl turned three and celebrated with a high tea at the Langham Hotel
  • Going to the Stardome Observatory on June 6th to see the transit of Venus. Sure makes you feel small seeing that planet completely dwarfed by the sun. Spotted two sun spots too
  • Heading away for the long weekend with dear friends Tony and Brylee. And the puppies too of course. It was so relaxing and I haven't laughed so hard and so often in a while. The weekend was full of great food, ciders and beer, farm walks, beach walks, disappointment at the chocolatier, Boggle, Chinese checkers and cards. We stayed here. The shells at the beach were amazing and the water was crystal clear. Shouldn't have left the camera in the car.
  • Last night. Watched Alien and Aliens with the heaters cranked up. Raj and Fraser brought delicious vegetarian curry and I made pumpkin soup. Good times despite all being quite jaded
Building progress in the section in front

Looking forward too

  • Celebrating 10 years of dating Mr Fox with a week off and a holiday to Piha
  • Flying to Christchurch and finally getting round to doing the train trip from there to Greymouth
  • Spending two gorgeous weeks in Southland and hopefully meeting a sweet friends baby. Please don't go overdue Sammy!
  • My sister flying back home the same week I do. 
  • Perhaps putting an offer in on a house that we like out West. Fingers crossed that the stars align, the pre-purchase inspection is ok and the finance suits us. Oh it is exciting imagining getting handed over a set of keys. Trying to not too excited
  • Locking in a date of departure for the long, long overdue OE.
  • Both my Dad and Pop recovering from surgeries.
  • Radiohead and The Black Keys concerts later in the year
  • Two impending weddings that will mean seeing family and friends that we haven't seen in years.