Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Starey,

Dear Starey,

So you were a no show for the dual at sunset??  It seems that karma may have caught up with you scrawny self?  That next morning must have been painfully shameful for you....the blackened fur, the tufts of fur all awry. My glee was plain to see as I happily snapped the evidence on my camera, oh what a delight.  I thought your modelling career was to be cut short before your stolen portfolio pictures caught someones eye. Any bookings yet there puss?  Surely there is a niche market for the thin, alien cat look....editorials perhaps? At a stretch couture?

I'm right behind you

I was having such fun thinking about posting your faux 'Panda / Dalmation look' on the internet but as I connected the USB cable from camera to computer I was heartbroken. Somehow the XD memory card had been irreversibly corrupted.......wait what!! Just how was it working one day and corrupted the next.  And no success at recovering evidence of the ridiculous state you were in (not for lack of trying). Suspicious indeed.  If I find one whisker or ghostly white strand of fur in this house you better watch your back.  Foul play indeed cat.  How dare you set your paws in my house?? Valuable memories were on that card. Just too far this time. Shame on you. God you are just so sneaky. Ughh.

Yes, that's right. Feel eyes on you huh.

I have filled in the darling Lily in on the details of this latest debacle and she too is on high alert. She may be the most darling, beautiful pussy cat that one has ever seen but she is not afraid to use claws or teeth. Four eyes are better than two. Double the surveillance. Night and day. 

Day watch, early shift. Lily. 

So you are now back to your pale, waif like self and the chance of revenge has slipped through my fingers. Alas. I am counting down the days til I escape your skulking presence and you no longer prowl around my sweet little home as I sleep. We are to escape your furtive peeping and unblinking stares. August cannot come fast enough.

Yours sincerely

T. Fox (aka Amy)

P.s: I am so very flattered that you stole my photos to try a get noticed in the modelling world.  Lord knows you need all the help you can get to look attractive. Nudes though? Really?? Ha

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