Saturday, June 9, 2012

May & June; oh how time flies

How is it nearly half way through the year???  Time seems to be on fast forward permanently these days. My camera has collected dust as has my sewing machine.  There has been so much going on that I want to record it before I forget it although I am already fuzzy on some of May memories.  Alas.


  • The autumn colours, especially the sunsets
  • Reading Mums gorgeous blog and soaking up all that homey goodness that I so dearly miss
  • Having the heater on and spending time on the couch with Mr. Fox
  • Slowly making progress on the crochet blanket
  • Having the bread maker back in action after 3 weeks of eating supermarket bread. Hooray for fresh bread
  • The more organised and tidy feel of the house after purging many bags of stuff to the op shops
  • Spending time with friends. Often.  
  • My job. It is still so awesome to be content and happy in my work. 
  • That my gorgeous sister is happy and that I will see her shortly. Love you sweets
  • That I have two holidays coming up shortly
  • Slow cooker soups and curries. Mmm
  • Coriander. I have finally managed to keep it alive.
Just before rain


  • Home. So very much. My Parents, the animals, the garden and the house. I am so fortunate to be able to  visit the place where I grew up
  • Summer. I really miss all that sunshine and evening light
  • Splurging on clothes, pedicures and meals out. Seeing the savings grow is rather satisfying though
  • Friends that are not in Auckland
  • My sister. Always
  • My Grandparents. I really did love living near to them
View from our Chalet, Queens birthday weekend


  • How much more content and happy I am compared to this time last year
  • The excitement of friends buying their first home and the lovely BBQs we have already had there
  • Coffee dates and trips to the library with handsome Mr. Fox
  • A quick catch up with Jules as she returned to New Zealand for a wedding. Oh my gosh that girl can make me laugh
  • Chris coming up from Dunedin and enjoying an evening of take-aways and laughter with his sweet girlfriend. Getting excited about his studies nearing completion
  • That Jeremy got his dream job. Yus. Absolutely fantastic news
  • Seeing a friends band play at the Whammy Bar. Stone Angels. Catching up with him later with Mexican food.
  • A lovely night with Mr. Fox's cousin and her Fiance
  • That little Arliegha learned to walk. Such a wee cutie
  • Friday nights of drinking, silliness, and leaving the week behind
  • Having a couple of afternoons off work unexpectedly and being able to spend them with Raj. So great to have super girly time together
  • My littlest child I nanny for turning 1 and taking his first steps, going through a biting phase and learning my name. The little girl turned three and celebrated with a high tea at the Langham Hotel
  • Going to the Stardome Observatory on June 6th to see the transit of Venus. Sure makes you feel small seeing that planet completely dwarfed by the sun. Spotted two sun spots too
  • Heading away for the long weekend with dear friends Tony and Brylee. And the puppies too of course. It was so relaxing and I haven't laughed so hard and so often in a while. The weekend was full of great food, ciders and beer, farm walks, beach walks, disappointment at the chocolatier, Boggle, Chinese checkers and cards. We stayed here. The shells at the beach were amazing and the water was crystal clear. Shouldn't have left the camera in the car.
  • Last night. Watched Alien and Aliens with the heaters cranked up. Raj and Fraser brought delicious vegetarian curry and I made pumpkin soup. Good times despite all being quite jaded
Building progress in the section in front

Looking forward too

  • Celebrating 10 years of dating Mr Fox with a week off and a holiday to Piha
  • Flying to Christchurch and finally getting round to doing the train trip from there to Greymouth
  • Spending two gorgeous weeks in Southland and hopefully meeting a sweet friends baby. Please don't go overdue Sammy!
  • My sister flying back home the same week I do. 
  • Perhaps putting an offer in on a house that we like out West. Fingers crossed that the stars align, the pre-purchase inspection is ok and the finance suits us. Oh it is exciting imagining getting handed over a set of keys. Trying to not too excited
  • Locking in a date of departure for the long, long overdue OE.
  • Both my Dad and Pop recovering from surgeries.
  • Radiohead and The Black Keys concerts later in the year
  • Two impending weddings that will mean seeing family and friends that we haven't seen in years.

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