Friday, June 29, 2012

Late June around the house...

These last few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster. Life has presented both sadness and joy. June 2012 you were full of surprises.

Crochet kitty


  • Sweet Reuben.  A little boy who made my Friday mornings fun. Your funeral was tough. You will be so dearly missed. I will remember how much you loved to sing, "What does the whale say? Whale says MMMMmmmmmm' and how lucky we were to have sunshine just about every single Friday.
  • When I first started dating Mr Fox, so much reminiscing going on as we celebrated 10 years of happiness together. 
  • To try and enjoy the winter coldness.
Winter debri

The last of the leaves

Winter view of the North Shore


  • Wearing all my winter woollies. Hats, gloves, scarves, cardigans....the whole kit and caboodle. Gotta love winter fashion. 
  • Making progress on my crochet blanket and seeing my wool stash shrinking rather satisfyingly.
  • Working on secret squirrel projects. Love making things for others.
  • Lilly the cat snuggles; the best lap warmer.
  • Hot water bottles and really cute hot water bottle covers.
  • Showers, nothing better for cold bones than a long hot shower. Mmm.
  • Hearing about Ma and Pa's home improvements. Can't wait to see them for myself.
  • That Dad's operation was a success and that he is on his way back to feeling 100%

Shrinking stash

Granny hexagon blanket...(colours off in photo sorry)

Only 2 more big hexagons to go and then on to the littlies

Looking forward to

  • Moving in August but enjoying soaking up all the wonderfulness that is our home right now. 
  • Getting a tattoo this afternoon. Exciting.
  • Little baby Arleigha turning one, how can that be?!! 
  • Going out tonight with friends. Yay for the weekend.
  • Hopefully getting tickets to see Die Die Die at the Winchester.
  • All the birthdays in July.
Flowers and a cat who claims all crochet to be her own

Like a little hobbit valley at night

Love coming home to a this cosy view in the dark. Lace, stars and coloured glass

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  1. It sounds like it was indeed a roller coaster ride. The death of a child is just tragic and unimaginable. I hope the next few weeks treat you well, as it sounds like you have much to look forward to. Congratulations on your anniversary x