Friday, October 19, 2012

Finding the bright moments...

So things have been quiet round here and this is why; my darling Mum has cancer.   We didn't see that coming and our family has only just started to get over the shock of it all.   I am not blogging this here for sympathy or for want of advice but rather just to help make it seem less incomprehensible...less abstract perhaps.

I can't wrap my head around the concept that MY Mum is fighting this.  My Mum who is clever, funny, artistic, bubbly, health conscious and so much more wonderful than I can ever say.  It is so weird.  So awful.  Just how do you process something like this?  But I guess you do and I am so grateful that she is still here and still perfectly Mum.

Our family has always been very close and out of all this mess we have stuck even closer.  My sister has been a tower of strength, organisation and compassion.  Dad has been so tough, funny and thoughtful.  Mum has been bloody fantastic, she just keeps on as normal as possible while still managing to make people feel loved and happy in that special way she does.  I am flying home tomorrow for a week and I can't wait. 47 days after we found out I will get to squeeze my parents close and tight.

Mum and Dad have been taking each day as it comes and keeping positive. I am following their lead and so far so good.  They are both good at appreciating the good things happen each day so even though my world has been turned upside down life goes on and I do my best to notice those bright sparkly moments.

Lovely sunshine on the washing line. Woohoo a real washing line.

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