Friday, October 19, 2012

The month we moved into our new house........

On the tenth of August we moved into our first house. It was so much fun. We were bit overwhelmed looking back! Too tired from banks, lawyers, finance terminology, packing up the old house had left us a little frazzled. The offers of help from our friends was appreciated and we got everything shifted in one day.

The house feels like 'us' now. All the furniture is in, almost all of the cat pee smell is out! We have our pictures on the walls and have had guests come and go. Being homeowners is such a thrill! I have wee excited moments often when it hits me that this wee bit of land and building is really all ours.

After cleaning up a bit we had the official Housewarming probably was a bit early as we weren't completely unpacked and the house was far from clean but I am so glad we did only 2 weeks after we moved in. It helped make it feel real and there isn't many better things in life than having mates over for a catch up. We were made to feel very loved and the warm feelings still buzz when I think about it.

The 'to do' list keeps growing of course and we have ticked a few off the list.

  1. Fix the missing tiles on the roof.  Builder booked to come in the next few weeks, lets hope he turns up
  2. Evict squatter/squatters from ceiling space.  Pest man set trap yesterday afternoon. One possum evicted...just not sure if he had any mates up there?
  3. Build raised garden beds for vegetables.  Got the pallets ready....just need to get a few tools and some soil.
  4. Redo Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry and Toilet floor.  Not until the funds are in the bank!
  5. Window locks. I nstalled by the DIY man in awesome.
  6. Cup hooks in the kitchen.  Also installed by DIY Fox. Love them.
  7. Remove cat pee smell.  Work in progress; walls in kitchen/lounge have been washed, carpets cleaned and spot treated.  Candles burning frequently, windows open all the time...even when it's freezing!
That is the start of the list so far.  The best bits about having a wee house so far have been the freedom to change things as we wish, dreaming up plans, opening our house to guests, Friday night drinks....and having a  darling cat.  Lol we are a little head over heels for this little bundle of fur.  We just adored her when we lived at our past apartment and the landlords so very kindly asked us to take her.  This little cat is the sweetest ever and is such a joy to have in our home.  Lily is the icing on the cake. 
Love those cup hooks

Lovely cross-stitch by my clever mum.  That wee mouse in the cheese is from my Nana and is one of my most treasured possessions.

New hanging basket
Can't wait to be adding more memories into these four walls. 

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