Friday, October 19, 2012

Remember that crazy September?...

Well that month was a bit mad to say the least.
  • My darling sister came from Melbourne to us for a long weekend.  It was her birthday and a perfect way to kick off Spring.  She celebrated more than once too!  It was fantastic to introduce her to some of our Auckland friends.  Sister Fox was our first guest.  Poor thing the first night on our the airbed wasn't great..the darn thing went flat!  So a new airbed was hastily brought. 
Auckland weather was appalling.  I think we had one afternoon of sunshine the whole time.  We had a lovely lunch at a nearby cafe where cheeky little sparrows tried to get close to our lunch.  The hot pools were visited; it rained.  Takapuna beach visited; it rained.  Wanted to go to Piha; it poured so we didn't.  That darn rain kinda put a bit of a spanner in the works.  We had a great meal out at the Lone Star; she got a T-shirt (and it rained lol!)
  • Mum was diagnosed with cancer and the ground fell out from underneath us.  So grateful my sister was here when Mum and Dad called.  She stayed longer and it helped us both find our feet and breath again.  Enough of that here now.  Today is great day but oh how I wished we all lived in one city/place.
  • Mr Fox's sweet cousin and her Fiance got married.  Much of Mr Fox's family gathered in Auckland for the event.  His sister stayed with us (she had travelled all the way from Istanbul).  It was a lovely wedding.  The groom's family is Russian so it was wonderful to see some Russian traditions on the day.   What a wonderful way to end such a trying month.
  • Spring arrived! 
Happy Birthday sis

Me and my gorgeous sister xx

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