Sunday, August 31, 2014

Paint Speckles and Winter Freckles

Today the rain is pouring down and there is a lake at the back of our section. But a week ago we had an early Spring....a whole week of gorgeous sunshine and real warmth in the sun's rays. It was lovely to have the washing drying on the line, the lawn dry enough to walk on without gumboots and see the cat roll around on the concrete path. Cat's really do make the most of sunny days!

A tangle of pea shoots

Broad beans have begun flowering

Silverbeet is still wonderfully productive

Little radish shoots

I got so much down around home; a bit of cleaning and the garden is all weed free. Mr Fox mowed the lawn and it feels good to be organised before Spring this year (other years we have been a little behind the ball and it took a lot to get on top of the weeds when the sun warmed the soil).

I have taken a gamble and sown some early spring seeds...radishes, carrots, red basil and beans. Already the radishes have poked through the soil. Two dozen asparagus crowns are becoming established...the cat has been knocking the tender shoots off mostly (little rascal!). I can hardly wait til next Spring to harvest the first few spears. The rhubarb appears to have succumbed to the beatings of the winter storms and I think has rotted away. Must get another from the store soon.

With the weather so fantastic we made our first trip to the beach. The beach is one of my most favourite places to be. When I leave I feel so uplifted and invigorated. Unfortunately Mr Fox does not feel the same..not a big fan of sand or swimming. Friends of ours are much the same with the Mr disliking the beach and the Mrs another ocean lover.

With the lure of fish & chips; us girls convinced our men that a morning trip to Piha was a good idea. Oh how glad am I to have been to the sea again. The breeze was crisp and the sun shone clear in the blue sky. We all got a little sun burnt (the first freckles of the year have been added to my nose and cheeks) and we ended up staying for hours. Walking along one beach then exploring the rocks.

Piha sunshine with friends and Mr Fox

The Keyhole, Piha

Lion Rock, Piha
We have been making steady progress with the renovations too. It seems my hands are constantly covered in paint speckles. I'm looking forward to treating myself to a manicure and pedicure when the painting is done.  The bathroom is 99% done and looks incredible. I am so proud of Mr. Fox, along with our mate he has done all the work himself (except for the electrical work which we got a professional to first and all that). It feels like a luxury every time we use it. I must get round to doing an official before/during/after post.

The nursery is coming along too. We are now onto the fun part of adding colour to the walls before carpeting. The first coat of dark grey is on the wall and I'm about to do the second. Thankfully it looks perfect. I always worry that perhaps the paint samples aren't enough to get a good impression. Hoping the second colour on the walls will look just as good.

Ohh it is so tremendously exciting to think that a wee baby will be in there soon. Don't rush your arrival little cublet but know that we can't wait to meet you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Turning Thirty

On the very last day of July I turned thirty. To be very honest I was a bit worried about how the day would first birthday without my Ma Fox. She loved birthdays and had such a special knack of making of making you feel so very loved and special on your birthday.

My day was so special though. Made so by my wonderful husband and a few great surprises! The day started out with breakfast made by Mr. Fox (complete with a candle!) and gorgeous pearl earrings. Mum loved pearls so it was so thoughtful and touching to have my very own to wear often. I feel like a million bucks when I wear them and smile when I catch sight of them in the mirror.

We had planned a day in Auckland city and the weather obliged. A crisp but sunshiney morning for a walk and coffee at the waterfront before lunch in the revolving Sky Tower restaurant. It was fun to eat out together. The first time in ages with just the two of us. The views were amazing and the food scrummy.

After a bit of a spending spree in Smith & Caugheys Toy department we headed over to the North Shore where we had organised to have a Chef cook an Asian inspired degustation meal at a friends place. I was a bit gutted to find Tony wasn't there but he had left a video message.....the big surprise was that they had flown my Pa. Fox from the other end of the country. I was so stunned and utterly lucky I didn't go into early labour!!! It was the best present a girl could ask for. So wonderful to have Dad here for the weekend. 

We enjoyed the meal so much. Very fancy indeed. The best part is we will do it again for my friends birthday shortly. Yay

Just one of the seven courses served over the evening
My sister rang after the meal which was the icing on the cake. I can't believe my friends and family managed to keep such a secret from me. Lol Dad said he very nearly spilled the beans on more than one occasion but I really had no inkling that he would be able to share the celebrations with me. Along with a wonderful day I received gorgeous flowers and gifts. Of course I missed Mum very much that day (miss her very much every day but some moments you want to share with her even more) but I am so very grateful to have supportive and loving family and friends.