Monday, October 28, 2013

July to October

Well our wedding is just over 7 weeks away and although things are pretty much all set to go the anxiety is building. Nervous excitement but a some fretting does go on. Planning parties is not something Mr. Fox and I do often so planning a big and very special one is a big ask. We are hoping for a fun and relaxing day. It is shaping up to be that way.

The garden is doing well from my has never looked better. I unwind completely there and forget all my cares. This Saturday I put in 2 cubic metres of garden mix by wheelbarrow and shovel. It was a sunny day and when you are doing such physical work it hones your focus on to nothing but dirt, shovel, wheelbarrow! It is great to see a big pile of dirt turned into useful surface area for growing yummy food.

The winter crops are still providing lots of greenery and should tide us over til our summer crops are ready. The Broad beans are growing fantastically and survived the blustery winds we have had. Garlic and potatoes are quietly doing some growing too. The wee flowers dotted about are keeping the bumble bees busy.

Clearing out the flax bush, making room for a compost bin

Tools of the trade

New to me terrarium...must plant out and bring inside

Broad beans in August

August winter garden

Newly filled boxes from a roadside find. Great spot for lettuces etc that tend to bolt in full sun. Just enough dappled light here for growth. Mmm yummy Basil, Coriander and lettuces seeds in

Friends with chainsaw cleared the privet tree and the tree pushing on fence. Great usable space for fruit trees and berries

Broad beans in late early October and strawberries forming

Toby's seeds all planted out

Yay for a sunny spring day
The weeks whizz by. Our lovely friend was up in Auckland with her dear wee boy. Her little one was very unwell and in hospital but is on the mend now. It was wonderful to be able to spend so much time together despite the circumstances. Coincidentally a gorgeous family friend's little boy had to have an operation and I also got to catch up with her, so great to sit in the sun and chat. Not much of a summary of the past few months but the night is going fast...will post another time soon.