Monday, April 28, 2014

Our midsummer goes...

2014 has been such a bittersweet year thus far. Far tougher than I ever imagined it to be. The last time I blogged we were a few weeks away from Christmas and our wedding. The sun was shining, the garden abundant and our family all so excited.

Now we are missing the sunshine from our wee family. My darling Mum became ill in February and the chemotherapy treatment was ceased. Over the next two months the four of us huddled together and made the most of an unimaginable situation. My darling Mum passed away on the 2nd of April 2014.

Our world will never be the same. We will continue to miss our clever, loved, funny and sunshiney Karen. We are plodding on without her, thankfully surrounded by wonderful memories and the lovely creations she has made for us. We are trying to make the best of of everyday and see beauty in everyday things just as she did even on the darkest days of her treatment.

I am so thankful she was my Mum and such a wonderful friend in my adult years. Not sure I can imagine life without her in it but we will do our best. Mr. Fox and I are expecting our first child, Mum knew and nicknamed it 'cublet'.  She has knitted, collected and sewn up a storm the last few years and there are 'Nanny Fox' boxes full of love and goodies for bubbies that my sister and I might have in the future. My heart grieves more than anything else for my babies that won't get to know their lovely Nanny Fox.

This is the last poem she had put on her blog and I will share it with you;

Dawnings of amber and amethyst eves;
Soft in the south wind the laughter of leaves;
Breath of the poppy and death of the rose,
Midsummer comes and midsummer goes!

Dapple on cheek of the apple and plum;
honey bees droning  a die-away hum'
Swales in a shimmer and dales in a doze, 
Midsummer comes and Midsummer goes!

Darting of dragon-fly, flutter of moth'
Barley in window and wheat in the swath;
Hush-song and thrush-song-the mother bird knows!
Midsummer comes and midsummer goes!

Moonlight and noonlight all glamour and gleam;
Hillside and rillside a thrall to the dream;
Capture the rapture before the days close!
Mid summer comes and midsummer goes!

                                                                                             (Clinton Scollard,1860-1932)