Monday, March 19, 2018

August 2017

  • Mae and Fox really start to develop a relationship. Fox is able to sit and loves nothing more than laughing at his sisters antics....Mae loves nothing more than performing for a captive audience. 
  • We picnic with Daddy on his lunch break.
  • A trip to Kelly Tarltons Aquarium.
  • Mae, Fox and I fly south for a huge couple of weeks. A task I had been absolutely dreading but doing so much organising for too. My sister, Dad and I had to pack up our family home for sale. It was a really tough, physically and mentally draining time. Harder than I had imagined. In between the packing of many boxes, the sorting, deciding and cleaning I tried to capture memories for the children. We explored the garden and sent up more plants for my home in Auckland. 
  • To sweeten the visit we made sure we had time with Grandma Ann and Grandad Kevin. We also spent a couple of nights with Great Nana and Great Pop on their farm. 

July 2017

  • Toby and I celebrated another trip around the sun. 
  • A quiet month spent at home. 

June 2017

  • We stayed cosy at home as the weather started to cool down. 
  • Toby replaced a raised vege bed and we extended the bark chips further creating an area for table and chairs.
  • Fox began eating solids! Hurrah.
  • We enjoyed having Poppa here for a visit.