Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rough nights but sweet days

Mae has been unsettled over the last week or so while cutting her first tooth. I can just see a little corner peeking through her red wee gums. Her overnight sleeps for a few nights were dismal. It was terrible to see her fighting sleep and so out of sorts. Together we rocked and cuddled wishing sleep would overcome the discomfort, my little babe and I.

It's at times like this I miss my Mum the most. A listening ear and kind word. Perhaps a story of my sister and I's childhood. Of course I have my Dad and Nana to remember by babyhood but sometimes you just want your Mum. In those hours, swaying in the moonlight nursery I really wanted my Mum. Then just as you think you can't stay awake any longer my Miss Mae falls asleep and I can crawl into bed again. When the sun rises with it's brilliant Autumn glow and the jug is boiling for that first blissful coffee the melancholy fades.

2008, my gorgeous Mum

Mothers Day is this Sunday. Days like this always amplify the missing too. I mean of course they do....your email box, social media and local shopping centers are full of reminders.
 Remembering to focus on the happiness that we shared as a family gets me through.  As does wearing a string of pearls (Mum was never without her pearls, necklace or earrings depending on the day), and celebrating my Nana and Mr Fox's beautiful Mum. I am so looking forward to my first Mothers Day with a little baby to snuggle and love on.

Despite feeling like a zombie the last couple of weeks have been wonderful. I do so love Autumn. A long weekend to commemorate ANZAC day meant extra family time. We spent a warm and blustery afternoon picnicking in Western Springs Park with friends. Spreading out a few rugs, nibbling away on a few choice snacks and whiling the day away babies and friends is my idea of heaven.

Mae's first swing!

Mae is able to sit up for short periods and is working hard at trying to crawl. We are enjoying our last weeks of a house that is not yet baby proofed. This girl of ours will be so busy when she can move more freely. She is not so keen on eating at least not from a spoon. Her lips clamp together and won't budge. We have gone to finger foods after weeks of trying to coax a spoon of puree in. She loves eating independently now and munchs on most things despite her toothless gums

After a night out 

We have begun swimming lessons with our cublet. She is a water-baby and is quite comfortable in the pool. It is her special time with Daddy but it is too cute to miss so I go along to watch. Walking together to the Pool and home again via the bakery is a sweet new routine. Mae and I have been swimming together a few times too. Loving the family spa at Westwave.

Yoga and walks have been a lifesaver the past month or so.  It feels so good to stretch and move. When cublet is having her morning sleep I roll out a towel and complete a session of Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. Thirty minutes that make such a positive impact on the rest of the day. The dishes and washing wait as I invest in some time for me.

Farmland on our walk home from the pools
 Mr. Fox is always keen on running. I am too but every time I have run lately my right knee aches for days afterwards. Weak hips are the suspect and I am working on strengthening them so I can get back into it. Especially as Mae enjoys going for runs in the pram so much.

The garden is doing well this Autumn. Most of the seeds I planted in March/April have taken off, as have the brasicca seedlings. The slugs have killed the peas again but I am wanting to stop using slug bait.

Caterpillars almost ate the brassicas into oblivion but have recovered now that I spend a few minutes each week removing them. Like most gardening a little consistency goes a long way. Brocolli is now forming  tiny green florets and the rest are flourishing too. We sowed Daikon Radish seeds for the first time, looking forward to making some Agedashi Tofu in the near future.

Garlic (self sown) and recovering Brocolli
Garden going gangbusters
Each of our neighbours' have dogs. Over our back fence they have three barking dogs and one in particular is quite aggressive when we come within about two metres of the boundary (which is often as our compost bins are there). We have been worried that Mae might poke her finger through the gaps when she is older.

Trying to figure out a solution that works has taken a while but a dense hedge running in front of the fence seems to be the best we can dream up. Last weekend we planted the first four plants; as our budget allows we will add more. We chose a fast growing native that will hopefully keep little fingers safe and perhaps reduce the crazy barking that ensues when we are in the yard.

This weeks beautiful weather has just broken as the grey clouds above had gathered and are saturating the garden. Cublet is stirring from an extra long nap and my cup of tea is finished. The evening rhythm of dinner, bath and bath is calling.

A recent moonrise