Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bloggy Catch....again. October and November 2012


Well that was another long break but today I got the motivation back to sneak back into this space and catch up.  The weeks seem to fly past and it doesn't seem to take long to be out of the habit of picking up the camera or putting fingers to the keyboard.  It frustrates me that this space has been so neglected.
October and November last year went very quickly. Work, Friday nights, housework it all takes up time and energy and I felt rather flustered in the lead up to Christmas.......unsettled and swept along in the busyness.

I flew home to visit Ma and Pa Fox.  It was a wonderful trip and so lovely to see them, I took Mum up to a Chemo session and was overwhelmed by the situation.  The nurse was lovely and got me take a few breaths and get myself in check.  I have never been so grateful to know the wonderful hands that are taking care of such a special lady.  All tests so far are positive and Mum is such a brave warrior.  We will beat this damn thing.  We had a cheeky visitor outside our window the morning of treatment.  He was so funny and darn cute.
Good morning Mr.
We laid low most of the week just Mum, Dad and I.  Resting, chatting, a wee bit of crafting.  Dad hooked up the caravan and we spent a lovely afternoon at Fortrose Estuary despite the blustery winds.  The thermette was put to good use and inside the caravan was super cosy.  It was a wrench to leave home. Leaving always feels like I am leaving part of me behind.

My very special friends and Mr. Fox had been working hard all weekend on the most wonderful cheering surprise while I was away.  No words can express how touched, surprised I was when I got home to a fantastic raised vegetable garden. I still feel overwhelmed by their kindness and feel all gooey inside when I see it in the yard.  Brylee, Tony, Toby, Chris and Claire; Thank you a million times over.

A perfect surprise
Die Die Die played on Halloween weekend and we went along.  Fun of course...crazy definitely. Can't remember what else we got up too (another reminder of why I need to blog more..oh rats).


This was such a fun month filled with music and friends. First up was the The Black Keys....not so fun second time around.  Mr. Fox and I felt quite underwhelmed and deflated post this concert.  A combination of high expectations and the bands sounds evolving into a less grungy/raw quality that left us bit cold.  Ahh well it was nice to get out and do something to add to the memory bank. 

Radiohead was the polar opposite and I am still buzzing months later.  The sound enveloped and inspired.  It was the number 1 band on the 'must see' list.  The experience was made sweeter by having an old friend Jeremy come to stay. Boy it was great to hang out with this gentleman again. It was a great night out and if Radiohead returns I'll be heading along again. Oh it was amazing. Sigh.

Sulin celebrated her birthday on a lovely sunny afternoon on their deck. It is such a great place to while away the afternoon.  Art in the Dark was on in Ponsonby again.  Was a balmy evening for wandering around admiring the light installations.  So very crowded this year.  Fraser's photos are so much better than the ones I took. 

Had plans to craft for Christmas and made a start but never did finish them.  It was starting to stress me out and then I thought the better of forcing something that is meant to be fun and put them aside.  Of course there is always Christmas 2013.  Lol now I can pretend I am super organised!

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