Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Silly Season 2012

December is such a funny month...always goes so fast and drags at the same time.  It was certainly crazy this year but isn't it always.  Thinking up gifts, wrapping, socialising. It's the best and the worst for this sometimes rather introverted Fox.

 Fraser celebrated his birthday with Japanese. Eyes bigger than my belly I ordered far too was glorious. And the cabbage plate with mayo was insanely good. Like seriously amazing. It was a fun night. Missed little Raj something wicked that night.

We got a stoked.  Expect no chairs! All in good time. These arrive this week. Watched a lot of Girls. So funny, so weird. Love it but like hardly any of those spoilt brats. The lawns grew to great heights and we started referring to it was the meadow. Outdoor cooking came with the purchase of a BBQ.  Really fantastic to have a BBQ crank up every now and then. Lily the cat finally became more chilled out and settled....once more Queen of the Manor ( think she has been watching too much Girls!!). Got out to Piha for that first Summer swim.

uh oh becoming the blogger that posts cat pictures...teehee
Before heading home for Christmas we saw Die Die Die and Caroles at the Kings Arms. Caroles stole the show. Total chaos and teenage angst. Lol made me grateful not to be a teenager and jealous at the same time.

Christmas Curry 2013
Christmas Curry is a tradition that kicks off Christmas week. It's always at 28b Evans st, always takeaway curry and one of the most cherished nights of the year. It is awesome to have a constant year after year. Each year it is always different folks there and a different vibe but Jeremy, Chris, Mr. Fox and I started it off and I think have made it to each once since. 2013 Christmas Curry was really chill.....lots of yawns but was perfect nevertheless.

Southland had fantastic weather again for the week of celebrations. Blisteringly hot and still.  Ate far too much and was thoroughly spoilt.  Just love giving out gifts and seeing people rip into them.  It was lovely to have Mr. Fox's Mum and partner over on Christmas eve.....becoming another tradition. Christmas day was very chilled out with us all feeling a bit wilted from the heat. Sister Fox and I took a bit of respite in the outdoor bath...bliss to feel a little less hot.

Ma Fox's lovely garden

Ma Fox has a lovely post on Christmas post with cute photos too.  Boxing day was spent with Mr. Fox's family.  What a great time we had.  Headed up to Piano Flat which is incredibly beautiful and has an awesome playground!  The river has a big grassy bank and native forest, there were a few families camping but certainly not crowded.  It's on the list for future camping trips.

The backyard meadow went crazy much to the delight of Lily, the birds and insects. It is rather lovely and although I am looking forward to the lawn being mown someday I must say I kinda like it so ramshackle.  Feels like the house has been plopped down in a country meadow not in suburbia.

Rambling geraniums by the back fence


Hello cutie tootie

Spot the kitty

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