Monday, June 11, 2012

At home sick

Working with children, particularly medically fragile children requires staying home sick when in other jobs you would solider on and head into work.  So this week I am at home.  It is lovely to be cosy in the nest and has given me the chance to catch up with blogging and crafting.  My granny hexagon blanket is growing.  Only 7 more large hexagons to go and then onto the little ones.  Very glad I started out with the big ones first as I am looking forward to using up scraps and enjoying the quicker pace of the smaller hexagons.

I have some images of crafts I worked on in April and May.  They have been sitting in my camera waiting for a moment like this to be documented.   A while ago I found a tapestry kit, one that is small and less daunting than others that Mama Fox or I have thrifted before.   It made me wonder about who gave away this kit....was it a gift that didn't fit the recipients style, a lost kit at the back of craft cupboard that was part of spring clean or perhaps the crafty ambitions of someone who ran out of time to finish it??   The wondering about thrifty finds past lives is a big part of why I love thrifting.  Along with stepping more lightly on the planet and the great feeling of finding treasure.  Anyway this little tapestry came home with me and I have really enjoyed stitching it so far. Such a lovely way to painting by numbers.

Thrifted tapestry

Little time to work on crafty projects lately spurred me to try this lovely pattern by Elisa McLaughlin's Designs blog.  It is such a fun project; ticks all the boxes.  Quick check, easy check , fun check , perfectly wearable check!  This pattern is a great stash buster and because it only takes less than one ball of yarn splashing out on a luxury yarn would feel less frivolous.

Fun and stress free project

Mothers Day was a while ago.  A few family members have been given embroidered pillowcases from me.  Mum had dropped hints that she might like one but I ran out of time to stitch one up in time for Christmas so I whipped one up in time for Mothers Day.  I used the Made in France by Agnes Delage-Calvet, Anne Sohier-Fournel, Muriel Brunet and Francoise Ritz book for inspiration (see here for great review by Feeling Stitchy but really just stitched what I thought she might like.  I was a bit worried that dragonflies might be tricky but they were lots of fun.

Stitching for my beautiful Mum
This space is for recording happy things in my life but I do not want to forget the real moments just because they are tough. My thoughts today have been with one of the children I work with.  He is not doing well and although on life support is not likely to pull through. Working with medically fragile children is so very rewarding but is a vivid reminder that life is not always fair or easy. Be strong little one. 

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