Monday, June 11, 2012

Dear Starey Cat..........

Dear Starey,

I assume we are on a first name basis by now. It has been noted that you have recently became a follower of this blog; not sure how you found it?  Have you been spying through the window behind my computer.....I seriously thought you were too short to get your beady eyes over that particular window sill.  Your sneakiness has exceeded my expectations this time.

Normally you are so brash about your spying.  And yes I do know that you can think that you can see through my curtains.  Well I have tested this out by trying to peer through them in both day and nocturnal conditions.  Unless you count x-ray vision as one of your talents we both know your are more Meow than super-sighted.

How you manage to have access to the Internet or indeed use a keyboard does stump me.  Using a mouse would only come naturally to your feline nature of course.  However how you access the cyber world young pussy really isn't the point now is it?!  Just know that I too am watching you and I also know where you reside.  I have photographic evidence of your stalkings and I will not hesitate to take further action if necessary. The water thrown your way is only the beginning.

Photo evidence of stalking 1

Photo evidence of stalking 2

Photo evidence of stalking 3

Photo evidence of stalking 4

Photo evidence of stalking 5

I was OK with you staring constantly, well not OK but I had got used to you lurking nature. Intruding onto my own space on the vast Internet has me rethinking our relationship. This ain't over cat. Not over.

Yours sincerely

T. Fox (aka Amy)

P.s: If you are an innocent fan of all things crafty then disregard the above letter and let me know if you ever want to learn crochet....sure it would be hard with paws but we could work something out

P.P.s: I have suspicions that you are not working alone....a certain Friday night friend perhaps???


  1. You and I, through the alcove window, on the eve of the next Sabbath. Let's finish this.


  2. hey Starey Cat bet you don't sleep well tonight...Foxy will be waiting on you...know who I'm placing my bets on!!!