Friday, June 29, 2012

Ten Years...

So me and my handsome fella have been together for ten years.  Ten whole years on June 23rd since he asked me to be his girl.  Boy am I glad that I said yes. I can't believe that it's been a decade since we decided to be 'boyfriend and girlfriend'.   Hehe it was so very exciting at 17.  To tell the truth I am still giddy with excitement to be his lady 10 years on.  Ahh love.

10 years and a HOUSE!!

We planned a relaxing week at the beach but instead brought a house!! Now that's a way to celebrate being together for sure. We took the plunge and signed the deal at the start of the week so the rest of the week was spent running about lawyers, banks and filling in so many darn forms.  But we muddled our way through...managed not to kill each other and finally got out to the beach on Friday.

Piha, June 2012

Friends helped us celebrate making the weekend even sweeter. It was so very wonderful to have some of our friends there. Kristy, Steve, little Arleigha, Sulin, Greg, Fraser and Raj.  Piha is a bit outta the way, so for everyone to come out on a Friday night and drive those windy roads in the dark was just so special.  \ There are not many photos of the night....I think we were a little worn out from the week and just didn't make the effort to capture the evening.  I regret that now.  I must learn to snap away but it always feels a little rude and intrusive snapping photos at social occasions....not that people mind (I don't think they do. Do they?)

Piha, June 2012

An XD card from the camera got corrupted so we lost some photos from our time away. Bummer. I am grateful that I download photos often so we haven't lost too many memories. The XD cards are as old as the camera (about 5 years+) so I'm not surprised one gave out. Must remember to replace them all before it happens again. I had hoped that the camera shop guys could have recovered some data but no luck there either.

Anniversary Lunch!!

I think that it is finally sinking in that we (well mostly the bank actually!) are going be homeowners. Lord and Lady of our little patch. It is quite thrilling to think we will be able to make changes without permission.  The house was described as a 'Sleeping Beauty', she certainly will need some work to awaken her beautiful side but at the moment she is cute, more than a bit tattered but still definitely cute. Oh I just can't wait to move in...come on August!

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