Monday, April 16, 2012

The week gone by

Well that week went rather fast!  It seems that great weeks always do though.
 For some reason I managed to get heaps ticked off the "to do" list.  Heirloom baby blanket completed, Trademe purchases bundled off to the sellers, quite a few bags dropped off to the Salvation Army Store after a big decluttering and the house got a well overdue clean. Small victories.

All ends woven in and a flower in the middle.

Added a little blue flower to the middle

Lovely to have finished this blanket. 
 Have been practising my chanter.  I used to play the bagpipes as a teenager and haven't touched the chanter much since.  I regret not keeping up a musical instrument over the last few years. However our landlord invited me to attend his local piping band and I'm relearning how to read music and play. Hoping to get along to another practise session and join in shortly.

Revisiting an old hobby
Learning a musical instrument as an adult seems so different.  Maybe it's due to wanting to play properly (no cheating on the doublings this time) and a greater sense of responsibility to upholding a high standard for the other members of the band. I'm surprised at how fast time passes when fully engrossed in playing (already there has been two meals burnt, oh dear).

Have been feeling so grateful about where we live lately. Not sure why? Perhaps because we intend to go travelling in the next few years or how beautiful the area is in Autumn. I don't often take my camera on walks around the surrounding streets but yesterday the light was gorgeous and I had to run some errands. The camera came along so I documented some of my favourite buildings and sights.

The city from Ponsonby Road.

Local church

Three lamps corner.  I do wish the lamps remained

Love that window so much.
Loving this week:

  • Catching up with friends; drinks, take-aways and YouTube surfing.
  • Honey badger on YouTube. This cracks me up way more than it should. Slightly obsessed. *warning has coarse language*
  • Honey badger mugs....sold out sob. Oh I do wish these mugs could have been mine. 
  • Honey Badger Don't Give A S//t mug - Honey Badger series
    Image from : Honey Badger mug. Corduroy Etsy Shop
  • A tidy, clean house.
  • Planning and booking holidays for the year. Yippee.
Hope your week is a good one. 

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