Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

 I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing holiday.  This Easter has been very pleasant; lots of chocolate, sunshine, reading and a spot of dog-sitting.  The past couple of months have been a lot busier on the work front which is wonderful however the extra hours and catching up with friends and family has meant that this space has been put on the back burner.  Very little crafting has occurred.  Easter has marked the end of excess focus on work and I am ready to concentrate on more creative things now. Hooray.

Summer has gone by so fast and thank goodness really...the weather was disappointing.  Autumn has been putting on a fantastic show so we have been going on lots of picnics to make the most of it. Chelsea Sugar Refinery  has been on the 'to visit' list for a long while.
Chelsea Sugar Refinery Auckland

 After getting a little lost Mr. Fox and I had a very quick picnic ( we were chased off by a cold wind) and scout about. There were a family of swans on the ponds and the cygnets were super cute. We weren't keen to get close as the parents looked a little intimidating.

Settling in for a snooze

Hehe the little ones keep rolling down the slope as the slept!
Sometimes the best picnics are the ones at home. With all the home comforts right there and the perfect spot in the sun.  Especially good for access to craft supplies. The only trouble with this spot is the lack of shade....tis hard not to fry.  The gorgeous cushions with the owl and headphones are gifts from my very clever Sister Fox. Thanks sis, we adore them.

Patio picnic

Perfect place to watch the clouds drift by
The b-fm Summer series was a great afternoon out.  Despite feeling groggy going straight from a night shift I had fun. I took only a toy camera to this so don't have any pics that are blog worthy but a friend captured some great shots. Take a look here. Should have taken the sunscreen, both Mr. Fox and myself were very red by the end of the afternoon. Favourite band of the day was Die Die Die. They never fail to entertain.

A small visitor ventured inside a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if it was a moth or butterfly. The wings were raggy round the edges and it seemed a little worse for wear despite this he was hard to coax out the window and back into the garden. Quite the escape artist as we tried to catch him.
Hello little one. 
Today Mr. Fox and I walked into the city to see the Degas to Dali Exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery. It may have been a mistake to do this on Easter Monday I think, the gallery was absolutely packed. I didn't love this exhibition but did enjoy seeing Degas's work. Of course there was time for a picnic in the gardens afterwards too

Thrifty lunch. Crumbs only evidence left from hot cross buns!

Autumnal art 

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