Sunday, April 8, 2012

Heirloom Baby Blanket

So the Heirloom Baby Blanket is almost complete. The one I blogged about here.  Just have to darn in the loose ends and I think add a little blue flower to the centre.  It is a reflection of the past few months that it has taken so long to make (read many ripping out sessions) and is rather riddled with mistakes. The mistakes don't worry me too much as it is a reminder of a busy but fun time. I try to convince myself that not being a perfectionist is great sometimes!! I can certainly overlook a few blunders here and there.
Blue border

Don't look too closely if you like perfection!

 This is a blanket is one that I'll keep but it's a pattern that I'll make again. The size of the blanket was getting huge so I missed out the final border and then ran out of wool. Instead of stressing I switched to blue for the border and really like the results. So all the wool came out of my stash and I can finally get the lid on the suitcase that holds my yarn down properly! Small pleasures.

Just waiting for a blue flower for the centre
It is so soft and surprisingly warm despite the openness of the pattern. I have another baby blanket on the go too but I can't blog about that here yet as a certain someone might see (Miss Sammy!). Must remember to get photos before I send that down south in the coming months.

I'm all set to get back into my Art journalling too.  Although I'm unsure about showing every page on here. I have really missed putting pen to paper the last few weeks and can't wait to start the next page. It is so wonderful to have a bit more free time.
Sneak peek into my journal (Art from 2011)

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