Friday, October 28, 2011

Sewing for summer.............

Well with all the Christmas gift crafting going on it is nice to have a project to keep for myself. Last Christmas I was given a jelly roll of lovely fabrics. The little birdies are so cute and the colours are quite fitting for the Summer Christmas we celebrate here in New Zealand. So a festive summer quilt has been started. For a bit of fun I appliqued some doilies on to some calico and have made these the center panel for the squares. It is my first time  using the log cabin quilting technique. What a fun and spontaneous way to quilt! Really loving just picking fabrics out randomly and adding them to the mix. Boy the cutting of strips was a little tiresome though.
Festive quilt!! 
True to form I was distracted by another project when cutting up and choosing fabrics for the quilt. A Beatrix Potter panel was unearthed from the bottom of the fabric stash and happened to match a woollen blanket also hiding in the stash! Inspiration struck and promptly sprung upon. Instead of mucking about quilting the panel I pinned it to blanket and just started to sew. Following the lines of the picture. Not quite finished it yet but it is turning out super cute and has a lovely weight and drape. This little blanket will be stashed away for this fox's someday/one-day cubs. 

Quilting the cheaters way!! 
For Pa. Fox's birthday I knitted up a pair of slippers. Big thick, super warm slippers. Nola's Knitted Slippers from The Seamen's Church Institute is the pattern I used. This site has some great, free patterns for men. The slippers knitted up rather quickly but the wool used was not very forgiving and I had to send off one lonely slipper in the parcel so that my arms could rest up before tackling the other. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I already have a request to make another pair for a friend for Christmas. Will be choosing a yarn with a little more give this time!!
Slipper for Pa Fox.

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