Monday, October 3, 2011

And Winter turns to Spring...

With Winter fading and Spring arriving the sun is getting warmer.  Inspiration for crafting is everywhere.

A skiff of snow in Auckland
 It has been weeks since I have blogged and I'm not sure why.  But I do want this space to be fun for me so if I don't feel like blogging I just don't do it!
We have had a wet winter here in Auckland and even got a little snow...very exciting indeed. Even for a girl who is used to seeing snow in the winter time.
I really adore winter and the abundance of crafting time it creates. It is so nice to cosy up in blankets and work on a something like knitting or crochet. But with Spring here I have found heaps of inspiration and motivation. I knit and crochet all year round and of course sew too. Just because its warm outside doesn't mean that creating winter snugglies is out of the question.
The garden is providing such sweet little flowers to have around the house and some vegetables to eat too. Herbs are growing faster again too which is great.  Mr. Fox and I have been enjoying the sunshine on the patio when the clouds part........I just can't wait for long Summer evenings. I think we will spend most of our evenings enjoying the warmth out there as the sun sinks into bed.

Spring flowers bringing cheer into the bathroom

I have a few projects that I haven't yet posted on here..some from a few months back even. Like this little fella.........
Little owl for a little girl
I used a free pattern from Bit o whimsy blog. Such a fun and easy pattern to make. I made it the day the wee girl was born so that I could deliver it on my first visit. It took only a few hours from start to finish. Really recommend trying the pattern out especially because it takes only a little concentration and a little yarn.

With lots of birthdays and Father's Day in the last wee while, most of my crafty projects have been gifts. Some warm, flannel pj shorts for Pa. Fox.  Embroidered pillowcases for Sister Fox and some sweet friends (forgot to take photos of those before I put them in the mail...ooops!) and some purses with metal clasps at the top.  With more spare time due to my current job I am hoping to sell a few of the things I make. Will let everyone know when I have an online shop up and running.

Fathers Day PJs in the making
Will have to sign off and as I am off to work for the afternoon but will be checking back in tommorrow with more photos. Take care all

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  1. The owl is cute.
    I just finished my one as well.
    Greetings from Scotland