Thursday, January 27, 2011

This Fox has been a-thrifting......

Thrifted treasure!
........and aren't these just such little sweeties!!  I just about skipped for joy as I left the shop.  They are stained in places but nothing that a good wash cant get rid of.  I think old doilies and napkins are such treasure. I'm looking forward to crafting with these.......but I am pretty sure I that cutting into the little cloth with a cottage and little bridge is not possibility!

This Fox has also been a-sewing.....

Unfinished sewing project

I fetched my sewing machine from the doctor with glee at the start of the week. I grinned like the Cheshire cat all the way home. With my sewing machine away all of last week i felt so fidgety. It was so odd not have it there, just in case an inspirational project needed to be started.  This is unfinished project from a sewing course I took last year. It's a ruffled shirt. The fabric is thrifted and is oh so soft. I'm really looking forward to finishing it.

This Fox has also been a-knitting...............

...........Slowly, slowly is this blanket growing.  Ah well, they say good things take time!

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  1. ....all I can say is just as well we live at opposite ends of the country!!! otherwise there could be doiley swiping happening! wow! what a lovely find, and I agree , you shouldn't cut into the wee cottage with the bridge! The blanket is growing, just wait til you have a table to put your sewing machine on! lots of action then I should think! love the pic of Jake!