Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dual purpose

My laundry basket is perfect for holding whatever crafting project I'm working on,  especially if it's crochet or knitting. It seems to be the perfect size to hold all the balls of yarn in place but big enough to see all the colours....and it doesn't flop closed like a bag.

It only just occurred to me today that this may not be what everyone does with their laundry basket, especially because its a real pain tossing my project onto the couch every time I need to actually put washing in it!!

The washing basket Cuckoo

At the moment I have a Log Cabin blanket jumping in and out of my laundry basket. I'm trying out the technique I found in this book. Have been plodding along with it in front of the TV...a couple of mistake but nothing that I'll get my foxy tail in a twist about. It feels great to use up some of my stash and have a pattern that doesn't involve too much unpicking.

This is a perfect project for taking on holiday.....and that's what I'm doing tomorrow after work. The next four days will be spent with friends, hopefully with lots of laughter and sunshine.....and just a little bit of crafting

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