Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time flies when your're working hard!

This past week has been one of those weeks when everything happens at once.  Work has been time consuming and challenging (still has those moments of pure fun and enjoyment tho!). My evenings have been busy and I have managed to catch up with friends and family (which i adore and can't wait to do again). I find that the harder i work and the busier I get, the more desperate I am to craft.  I'm sure its because crafting is such a great outlet. Even if I can only squeeze in 15mins of knitting I feel loads better about life. Just moving fabric and thread in my hands or through the sewing machine, or winding yarn around needles or crochet hook is so soothing and meditative. I'm just so very grateful that I grew up in a family that appreciates time to be creative and encouraged me to do the same.

 My log cabin blanket is still on my needles, I am happy about this. Having so much fun just knitting back and forth in the evenings.

Log cabin blanket in progress. Still!

We (me and my Mr. Fox) are planning to escape the city and all its hustle and bustle this weekend (squeak!! so excited!!). The plan is to catch the ferry  across to the Coromandel and hopefully stay in camping ground there.  I plan to do a whole lotta relaxing, swimming, knitting, crochet and reading......of course some sight seeing too. Very exciting indeed.

Last weekend was Auckland Anniversary Weekend and on Sunday night I got such a fright when there was a loud bang and flash. There was a gorgeous fireworks display out in the harbour. It was such a treat and surprise to watch the fireworks from the Sky Den. Oooo i do love fireworks so much!

Auckland Anniversary Fireworks display viewed from the Sky Den
I do hope you all have a lovely weekend. My week next is looking a little less busy and I'm really looking forward to 'bloggin' a little more.


  1. the blanket sure is growing! just loving the touches of blue!!! Have a fun weekend! nothing like some saltwater immersion to soothe and relax!

  2. I reckon, bring on the swimming. Change of plans, heading out west now. Coromandel was working out quite expensive. xx Have a great weekend Mum, talk to you on Sunday xoxox