Thursday, February 10, 2011

View from the Sky den and other things

We had the most awesome sunset the other night. Tried to capture it in a photo but didn't manage to capture how rich the colours were. It was so beautiful.

Spent the evening sewing little buttons onto little booties for a special little baby boy and wrapped the parcel up to send. I really enjoy wrapping up gifts (one of my favourite things about Christmas actually!). It was extra fun being able to make things for a wee much as I adore frills and florals you just cant beat a great car printed fabric! The crochet booties i blogged about here.
Awaiting postage to special little man
And although that sunset makes my Sky den seem serene and calm............its just not so. We have had some busy road workers working very hard just outside the complex. Its rather noisy and dusty to say the least. I have to say that having a birds eye view of the progress has been quite fun.

Busy busy!

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  1. wow! you get to have a sunset! lol! we don't even get sun these days!!! we are feeling sunshine deprived!! awwwwwwww..the booties are soooooo cute! ...and what have you made with the very gorgeous fabric? Yes, you do wrap presents in a really cool way, as your lucky family knows from experience! As a countrymouse, the noisy roadworks look as tho they would be a nightmare for us!!! loved the photos of the veges in the last post