Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well we had a last minute change of plans and headed out west to Port Waikato.  The Coromandel was going to stretch the budget so we went for a 'saving friendly' option instead.

Sandy Pedicure!
Our weekend started out rather wet!! After pitching the tent by the light of the car headlights we woke up to a very misty campsite. I just love arriving somewhere new in the dark so that its like a surprise when you get up in the morning....the mist made it even more exciting and mysterious. Port Waikato is very small and not really a wet weather kinda place so we wanted to head out on an adventure. Raglan is about an hour and half away from Port Waikato so we jumped in the car to do some exploring. What a great place Raglan is. I had use some pretty strong will to stop myself from shopping up a storm. Would love to go back soon and camp there. Enjoyed the chilled out vibe and great food. The beach wasn't too bad either! It was too windy for us to swim but a brisk walk on the sand cleared out any cobwebs that might of been lurking.


After a lovely day in Raglan we headed back over the very windy and wiggly road to Port Waikato.
The fog had lifted to reveal a cute little camping ground and we enjoyed a relaxing evening of crafting for me and reading for Mr. Fox. We felt a million miles away from the city.


All that sea air and adventuring saw us hitting the hay very early after a nice hot shower.

Our camping spot.

On the crafting front I started another Raspberry Beret, this time for a friend of Ma Fox's. A few rounds were slipped off the hook before the sun began to set.  The camping ground was very quiet and close to the beach. Great for a weekend just to get away from it all.

I bet you want to see whats on the picnic rug huh?! All the evening camping essentials really, the jandals, the insect repellent (the mozzies were bad there), a newly thrifted kids book (with great rhyming words and gorgeous pictures) and a crafting project.

Evening camping essentials
Before heading back to the Sky Den we went for a stroll along the beach, i even wore my togs in hope of a swim but the current was really strong and the tide heading out so no swim. What a gorgeous and unspoilt beach it was. I hope that your weekend was as relaxing and inspiring as mine. I feel ready for another five days of work and crafting now...bring it on!

Too scared to swim!

Wild beach

Lovely mist on the dunes

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