Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello again....

It feels like an age since I have last posted. A combination of work, work stress and a yucky virus have kept me away from the keyboard. Of course that is all minor and trivial compared to the absolute tragedy that is unfolding down in Christchurch. Like many New Zealanders, I feel helpless and entirely overwhelmed with the devastation that has occurred since last Tuesday.  The only small help I feel I can give, aside from donating what I can is posting the details of how to donate to Christchurch Earthquake Appeals.

Carrying on with day to day living in the rest of New Zealand has a sense of guilt and maybe a lot more appreciation for the basic amenities, I certainly am not taking for granted how wonderful it is to have a hot shower,a  flushing toilet and a roof over my head. I am thinking of Christchurch people often and am sending them good wishes. If you can please donate what you can to help in the recovery effort.

I have finished my log cabin blanket and am oh so pleased with it. Have finally gotten around to photographing it. Am so pleased that i added the blue, i think it may have been a little drab without it. It's really soft and warm and made from 100% thrifted wool which is a bonus.

Finally finished.....Ta dah!


Its a shame that the little baby I know is way down in Dunedin, he is super dooper handsome and I think would have been the perfect model. Alas, however there is a certain other little dude that stepped up to the mark and did a stirling job.....even if he did whinge about the intense sunlight and the fact that it was far too hot for a fella like him to be wrapped in woollies....................................

The handsome model showing off the wrapping ability of a handmade log cabin blanket (on a rather hot day!)

I hope that this post reaches you all well and safe and that your loved ones in Christchurch are OK. Our thoughts and love are with you Christchurch

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