Thursday, March 3, 2011


Wooohoooo! its Friday. Lovely, lovely wonderful Friday!!! Oooo so excited that its officially the weekend. Tee hee so much crafting and lazy time planned, I may be 'On- Callout Duty' for work but I am planning on thinking about work as little as a responsible Nurse can.

Have had some lovely skies outside the den this week, will never tire of that view....but when did Autumn creep up??I don't recall inviting it this way just yet!

The Autumn has crept in!

Yet here it is. It snuck in rather sneakily overnight I think! hmmm I suppose it is March now.

I do really, really love Summer. Not quite ready to say goodbye to ice-creams and picnics just yet. Even if all colours are so vibrant in Autumn and the air is so much crisper.

And Autumn means more crafting days warm and cosy inside....yes maybe not so upsetting after all. Just can't believe how quickly time passes sometimes.

Speaking of sneaky...somehow the beginnings of a new log-cabin blanket slipped onto my knitting needles. I'm becoming a little concerned that I may be more than slightly addicted to this kind of blanket construction. However I do have a perfectly acceptable excuse... a friend of mine expecting a baby boy in July.

Oops I did it again....round two of log cabin

I really would love to in this house amongst the towers,
perched way up high. I have fantasies of a lawn, vege
and flower beds and chickens!!

Painting has been on my mind a lot lately. Our new place will have room for an art corner and so dreams of potential paintings fill my thoughts. Colours and ideas for compositions have been popping out from the streets and parks around me. I love the way the buildings intersect and overlap in cities and really want to tackle these interactions on canvas soon. Isn't it funny how things that have been right in front of you for ages all of sudden take on a new light when you change the way your look at your world

Here is some of those skies i mentioned earlier, oh just look at that blue.....delicious

Gorgeous fluffy clouds

Lovely dusk
Gotta love a sunset
I have been to the library and have a stash of inspiration for the coming months, gosh there are some seriously beautiful books available. It takes a whole lot of while power for me to resist the urge to go and buy many of them for my bookshelf. 
Weekend reading....ooooo lovely

I really want to have a go at knitting this super cute the shape and that button.


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  1. hi miss fox, you would so suit that hat! it must be a 'must make'!
    Loving the blankies, Pa Fox, was most anxious about the last photo shoot, he wondered where the newly completed luxurious wonder would finish up if a gust of wind should hit!!
    the new logcabing knit is looking very snuggly, you seem to be getting faster at them...