Monday, February 14, 2011

A a couple of days of 'Nothing Much'

For those of you living in NZ you will be familiar with the L&P advert with blokes planning to do not nothing but 'Nothing Much'. I am a big fan of days of Nothing Much.  So this weekend we did exactly that...

Drying the washing, Apartment Style!

Newly washed Thrifty find of the pillow variety

There is not a lot to tell, we cleaned the house like Den-proud little Foxes and we did the washing.

Met up with some lovely friends for Sunday Brunch by the beach and we did Nothing Much.

Yesterday (Monday) I felt too relaxed to go to work and can't wait for my next Nothing Much Weekend! Although I do also love cramming in lots of things for weekends but everything in moderation they say.

One thing I love to do in the evenings is People Watching, I'm sure most people enjoy doing this....well our Sky Den has more than a few neighbours..wanna see?! Plenty of people to watch from where I sit.

Our Neighbours
Just a few huh! There are always Cranes working in and around the Auckland Central Business District and they are lots of fun to watch. Really amazing the precision of the drivers. Heres one I was spying on yesterday 

Mr. Fox snapped a great sunrise the other morning, thought you might like to see. (I'm already at work by Sunrise now that Autumn is approaching.

Sunrise looking out from Sky Den to North Shore City

Forgive me for this very disjointed post, it seems a little all over the show! For Valentines Day Mr. Fox and I headed to the Movies. We went to Academy Cinemas and saw Charade..Ooo it was fun.

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  1. loving the sunrise! always good to see ! esp if you don't have to get up to see it! Liking the cushion very much! did you make it? liking the frequent posts too!!!!

  2. The pillow is did it need some TLC! Got up to rain this morning so today will hopefully be less muggy and cooler. Looking forward to catching up with you and dad tonight xx

  3. Hehe love the neighbour spying... that would so be me! Gorgeous view alright. Can't wait to come and see you in Auckland, catch up, and also do a bit of 'nothing much'. Looking at coming between late May and early July.... yippeeee
    sammy xox

  4. Hi gorgeous....WHEEE! that would be so so much fun! Must catch up soon, we are moving soon. A bit more space at the new place so bring on the visit :) xoxox