Saturday, November 13, 2010

You know Christmas is coming when.....

.............A christmas tree appears on the side of the Sky tower

.........Chirstmas bunting of the most splendiferous kind (Mama Fox made!!) in the post

.....A sneaky little santa appears....not that this fox minds at all

..........the sewing machine is on, the bobbins are full and there are lots of scrumptious fabrics mingling. (sorry fabrics shown inside out to help keep my Foxy Family presents top secret.

.......the doileys are pulled out of the sewing box ready to adorn the fabrics

Beautiful yarn waiting to be a christmas gift, tiny Christmas tree and Sew La Tea Do by Pip Lincolne of . BLISS!

........and the Christmas tree is waiting for decorations!!! Tiny but oh so cute.....rather like our sky den....perfect.

Oh yes this little fox is starting to get into the Christmas spirit, and yes i know that its only November but crafty goodness presents dont happen overnight


  1. mmmm ! liking the looks of the fabrics and doilies!! Christmas can't come fast enough!! I have been doing some Christmas crafting of my own this weekend, a couple of things to take to a good friend in Wanaka for her Chrissy pressie! and some for thrifty fox and Mezzer! ....2 of which were started before I was married and have finished I'm thinking right up to date a vintage sort of way! Love the sneaky wee santy did you make him? Have a good week!...and keep on sewing!!!lol

  2. wow mum before you were married!i have started to set up a sewing room in brads old room right next to mine hehe so i can craft with lots of space...hmm wills old room could become a guitar hero world tour room hehe. i must get sewing, xmas is fast approaching! is that a car dangling from the skytower by chance?loving the xmas decos

  3. Awww absolutely love your blogs and seeing your latest crafty crafts my super crafty dear friend. I am so lucky - everywhere I turn in my house I see wonderful delights which have been handcrafted by Thrify Fox.... embroidered throws and towels, rag crochet bathmat (super absorbant btw!!!), face clothes and I even have my very own candy coloured raspberry beret hat! Thanks Thrifty Fox - keeping posting it makes me feel like you're not quite so far away. :-)

  4. Thanks!! I so enjoyed catching up with you on the phone...can't wait to see you soon xxxxxx