Friday, February 26, 2016


A while back we ventured to Murawai. A local beach that Mae and I had not yet been too. Woken early with kisses and "hellos" from an eager little one we had a head start to the day. A cool Sunday morning with the promise of sunshine. With all the beach paraphernalia packed and full tummies we set off.

Mr Fox tends to do the driving on the weekends which means I get to knit. With bubs entertained in the back and no chores to tend too, it is the perfect way to pass the time. I finished another little hat, this time a bright red hat with leaves. Large enough for my girl to wear on chilly winter days. As we drove we passed through little towns and beautiful rolling hills, we spoke of ambitions to move out this way.

Though the day was still new when we arrived quite a few people already there. The waves rolled in and excited people enjoyed them. We settled on a spot near the base of the dunes. Mae was keen to go for a dip and so was I. The water was warm but the was a strong undertow. The lifeguards had a small flagged area that was moved as we frolicked and swam. Miss cublet strained against the safety of my arms, throwing herself towards the surf. A salty water baby. She splashed and kicked until we were both chilled.

Refreshed and ready for a warm towel we rejoined Toby on the sands. Sitting together as Mae watched the sea. The crowds started arriving by mid morning. Worn out; a cranky little cublet fussed. Sandy and sticky from sunscreen we packed up to go home. But not before a quick explore of the playground. It was a wonderful way to spend a morning. I'm always invigorated by time at the beach. Filled up with fresh air and recharged with creativity. More so when accompanied by those I love the most. My favourite times are simple outings like this.

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