Sunday, February 7, 2016

It seems to be knitting

Late last year I started hankering for knitting again. Wrapping yarn through and around two sticks; magically making little garments. I had reached a bit of a stalemate with my progress and had been delaying the next big push to properly learn to read patterns. I needed to take the time to learn new techniques if I wanted to make more than hats and other basic patterns. To be honest I had procrastinated as I knew there would be frustrations and lots of frogging.

Pea pod cardigan progress
With a bit more time and light in the summer evenings I pulled out the pattern I had been wishing to try for yonks. A sweet little cardigan with pea pods on the side panels and hoods. Many times I had read through the instructions and been intimidated. It seem liked to much money to spend on yarn if I mucked it up or couldn't complete it. The picot edge to begin with seemed impossibly hard (of course it's not once you make a start!).

I know that I can do hard things if I put my mind to it. So I did. There has been more rows frogged than knitted I am sure. The nice thing is that despite this it's turning out OK. Sure I can see some mistakes but that's alright. They are not terribly obvious and I'm certain Mae won't mind at all.

I'm giving it go.....done is better than perfect! This quote has been popping up everywhere lately and it's such a freeing sentiment. The little cardigan will take a long time and will have mistakes. It is taking lots of concentration so right now is not a social project but I can read a knitting chart now. And I am gaining so much satisfaction from tackling what seemed like a crazy hard pattern.

For easy quick knits I have been making baby hats for gifts. Perfect for stash busting and the thrill of a finished project. They are stacking up in the gift pile and two have been sent off to new little babes. Made from simple patterns and the softest wool. Warm and comfy for the little ones.

Baby hats waiting for darning up and pom poms.
Two of my cousins are starting out on their knitting journeys. Both are learning the basics quickly and it has been such a joy messaging back and forth with updates of progress. My sister is becoming quite the knitter too. Oh what fun it is to see others find their crafting groove. I have a feeling that knitting might just take center stage in 2016.


  1. Beautiful! All I can really do is scarves. Can't wait to see the cardigan finished.

  2. Thank you. The cardigan may take some time!

  3. WOW!
    Very nice work, I like your baby hats.You have recognized me those days of my life when me and my brother has start learning knitting in the time of summer vocation .

    1. Thanks so much. Quick knits like hats are so good to learn new patterns/stitches at the same time as creating something warm and comforting. I'm glad I could remind of some family memories