Friday, January 29, 2016

Today was better..

Before the sun got out of bed yesterday my beloved Mr. Fox set off on an exciting work opportunity. Across the oceans to Tel Aviv, Israel. Far, far away. Much further than either of us has ventured before. It fills me with excitement that he is adventuring over there. We already miss him awfully and are counting down the days til his return. 

Yesterday those of us left behind felt impatient and out of sorts. Lily the cat was clingy and Mae even more so. There was tantrums and tears. Missing Daddy and teething is a rather wretched combination. There were lots of messes and a couple of breakages. Naps were refused and plans to meet friends had to be cancelled. By mid afternoon I surrendered to the chaos. We escaped to park for fresh air....and I ordered in pizza. 

Note...this is not from yesterday!
Today however was better and the muddle of yesterday seems distant. Four litres of homegrown tomatoes/basil/oregano were simmered together for pasta sauce. Miss Mae even enjoyed some for her dinner (fingers crossed this continues. She has survived the past few weeks on weetbix, yoghurt, cheese and not much else!). Giggles instead of tears. Naps were had. The giant pile of laundry is now folded and the house is vacuumed and tidy. Oh what a difference 24 hours can make. 

Summer treats from the vege patch


  1. Hello Amy I am slowly navigating my way around BLOGGER and realised I could add you as a blog to follow.The other day as I published my post yours came up and I saw we had both published posts within minutes of each other (Your Mum would ring me just as I dialed her number or vice versa)..AWWWW
    Its been lovely seeing Mae Molly Ann grow .What an irresistible little poppit.Mae looks so full of adventure may have your hands full by the look of things.That grin Oh My... LOl I love the wee squatting position she is in looking at the christmas book on the hearth SO darn cute...Have a Happy prosperous New Year Amy love from

    1. Hi Willie, That's great you are getting the hang of blogger. It's nice to see posts pop up from blogs you follow.
      Mae is such adventurous girl. We have lots of fun together for sure. Oh how she loved christmas. It looked like you had a nice holiday season and your new kitten is so sweet. xxx