Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sunshine and flowers

Before the rain came we enjoyed days on end of blazing sunshine. The Summer flowers meet the sun with their radiant faces. Attracting honey and bumble bees alike. The garden provided as many blooms as I could pick for the home and for gifting.....enough too that the garden remained a feast for the bees.

Prepping the stems

I write often of the peace and joy I gain from my garden. Happiness from the never ending rhythm of seasons and weather. With hard work and time it is becoming more appealing. The bright blue furniture and grey fence make my heart sing. I'm never quite sure which brings me more pleasure the flowers or vegetables. 

Gathering greenery and flowers. Then stripping the stems and arranging them is such a treat. I like to add herbs for extra fragrance. While each posie is similar to the last (given that my picking garden is small) the passing of the seasons mean gradual changes in the colour palette. 

Wisteria blooming and posie

Posy potential. Seeds from Mum's garden
I think of the person who will receive the posie. I like to imagine the posie is a little more special for doing so. The gentle art of creating a gift from our backyard harks back to times gone past.

 Homespun style is exactly what we strive for. Thriftiness, love, simplicity and joy represented in a pretty little bundle. Which reminds me of the handmade gifts we created for our friends and family for Christmas. That will a post for another time. Wishing you a day filled with contentment and joy. 

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