Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas Eve

Our plans to fly to Southland in the wee hours of Christmas morning meant that unwrapping presents would be with red eyes and a disgruntled babe. So we moved our little family's celebration to Christmas Eve.

The change made for a special evening. Just the three of us gathered around the tree after dinner. Mae in her little white nightgown and fresh from her bath got a surprise......Santa had snuck in while Mummy had her back turned doing dishes and had left presents under the tree! What a good chap he is.

Mae is enthusiastic and remarkably efficient at unwrapping presents, so what fun she had discovering the treasures waiting for her beneath the paper. The stocking too was hiding a few little gifts. The unwrapping  held more magic than gifts but it was marvellous to see the wonder in her face. The fairy lights and ornaments twinkled, and we enjoyed our second Christmas together.

Continuing with the tradition of a new ornament for Mae we gifted Mae a little white mouse all dressed up for the snow (despite it being summer here in the Southern Hemisphere). It was a little nod to her favourite soft toy; her gray rat.

While Mae played with her toys and books (well mostly the paper really!), Toby and I exchanged gifts. Mr. Fox was rather pleased to get two new guitar pedals and some towels I had appliqued with retro Star wars fabric. I was treated to some new magazines for the plane and an Olympus camera. A quiet night in, simple memories to cherish. A gentle start to the celebrations and perhaps the beginnings of a new tradition for our family.


  1. Just fantastic photos from Christmas Eve!! I am so pleased to see these photos here. We also had a small party at our home. We attended an outdoor party too at wonderful domestic Chicago venues. It was a lovely party and we had a wonderful time here.

    1. Thank you. It was such special evening and although it's only July I can't wait til Christmas Eve comes around again!!